“We are all Neandertaler”: Jürgen Brater avowedly why the Steinzeit only half time has

(openPR) - humans cannot simply from his skin. And those is still the same as before some thousand years, when the Neandertaler probably-felt therein. Therefore, so the conviction of Jürgen Brater, cannot hide also no modern garb, a tie and no collar that humans will be eternal from yesterday. By the example of everyday phenomena the physician and special book author in its new book decode “we are all Neandertaler”, which just appeared, why the ground connection citizen behaves every now and then strangely, the reason for its behaviour however often does not know.

„One shortens the development of the kind „Homo “, whose last member we are, on a 24-Stunden-Tag, then humans spent far over 23 hours as hunter and collecting tank. “
No miracle thus that it shows itself as Nostalgiker and exchanges with each suitable opportunity electricity against old-familiar flame light. Whether cannot replace crickets or Candlelight Dinner, a bulb approximately the community and warmth around the campfire, which appreciated the Neandertaler. Humans operate Mobbing, in order to protect itself and its group against harmful influences. He yawns, in order to belong to and in the restaurant always selects he the table at the wall, in order to prevent an attack from the ambush. That jet-lay, the baby language, even the attention deficit syndrome: All have it their origin in grey Vorzeit. They will surely still for a long time accompany humans, but finally he experiences now why.

“We are all Neandertaler” expose a gaping gap between the ambitionierten progress faith and the actual adaptability of humans. Jürgen Braters sixth book opens a new perspective on human behavior and describes descriptive astonishing circumstances approximately around the most exciting creature of this earth.

Jürgen Brater
We are all Neandertaler
Why humans do not fit into the modern world
224 sides, calibration fount publishing house 2007
Bound with Schutzumschlag
EUR 19.90/sFr 33.90 /EUA 20,50
ISBN 978-3-8218-5641-4

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