'all-clear' signal: Zimt is nevertheless harmless for humans

Zimt is lecker, healthy and to blood-sugar-lower with Diabetikern (openPR) - Bundesinstitut for risk evaluation does and warns of Zimt

Aachen - 21 December 2006. From the spice Zimt and thereby manufactured food such as Zimtsternen or dte no danger for humans proceeds. Bundesinstitut for risk evaluation (BfR) in Berlin errs, if it warns of Zimt and prescribes consumption quantities for Zimtsterne. The BfR stands for Sven David Mueller Nothmann of the center with its opinion opposite Zimt world-wide rather alone there, stressed for nourishing communication and health journalism. Not only that the Food evaluates and Drug administration Zimt with the grass status, which contradicts meant that Zimt is health harmless, but the critical argument with the toxicology of the spice as well as the Zimtinhaltsstoff Cumarin the BfR scientists beyond that. The European authority for food security stated 2004 that Cumarin is not krebserregend, and the supplied quantity does not lie above the Duldbarkeitsgrenze. On European level is still planned to paint the quantity delimitation for Cumarin from the flavour regulation. Zimt is anyway no component of the regulation, since it is a spice.

Also the Cumarinbewertung does not represent the BfR really correctly, because at the toxicity of Cumarinmengen receptible with Zimt there are extreme doubts. No data are present over the bio-availability of Cumarin from Zimt. Besides is not well-known, which are contained of Cumarine in Zimt. Apparently here scientists throw this group of chemically different materials into a pot, which concerns the pharmacology and the toxicology. The common is actually only the chemical fluorescence behavior. There the toxicological evaluation at isolated Cumarin was made and in the Zimt contained Cumarin, matrix effects and antagonistic effects by other Zimtinhaltsstoffe remained unconsidered not on. That is like that, as if one compares Vitamin C with lemons. In a Food and Chemical Toxicology work come the authors published 2005 in the technical periodical to the result that from Cumarin no relevant toxicity for humans proceeds. The authors report that for Cumarin from food ever an unwanted reaction was not observed. Over the skin taken up Cumarin does not have toxicity. Why authorities in Germany warn nevertheless of shampoo with Zimt, is not comprehensible. The authors stress that with humans after Cumarin supply on the food no liver even effects were reported and that even after application of clinical doses during longer periods no toxicity was observed.

The statements of the BfR are wrong to Zimt caps, which take Diabetiker for the natural regularization of the blood sugar. Institut announces that such products not when Diät

etikum are negotiable and are not legal the advertising statements. The regional court Bielefeld confirmed such a preparation now as diätetisches food. A multiplicity of studies, which were published in outstanding technical periodicals, shows to blood-sugar-lower the effect of Zimt. The Cumarinbelastung by products with aqueous Zimtextrakt is so small that probably yet times the BfR would not warn of it. The there scientists and „the Verbraucherschützer “of Foodwatch must place themselves before the crushing data load of the criticism and relate hre warnings, demand Zimt Buchautor Mueller Nothmann. Now besides warnings of Zimt dte became loud. Before it however nobody must have fear, there Cumarin not water-solubly, but is fat-soluble. Perhaps but scientists in Berlin eat the Teebeutel or the dte net and coat it before with butter or tunken it in oil.

The official foreign trade statistics 2005 shows, related to Zimt in and export, a consumption for Germany of 2.718 tons. That corresponds to an annual Zimtverbrauch of 33 gram per Federal citizen, and from this a harmless Cumarinmenge of 100 Milligramm in the year or 0.27 Milligramm results daily. Only who increases the Cassia Zimt admission by more than eighteen-subject, would come into the range of the BfR as maximally quantity justifiablely held. That makes the discussion ridiculous around Zimt, because 18.5 time 33 gram Zimt mean a yearly admission of 610 gram Zimt. It is strange that the BfR recommends Ceylon Zimt, because also the scientists instead of Cassia Zimt admits to be that Ceylon Zimt tastes much less zimttypisch and is no equivalent replacement, criticized Mueller Nothmann the authority should. It is precarious that Ceylon Zimt on Sri Lanka is traditionally geschwefelt and the use in Germany would be therefore inadmissible. Since world-wide no data are present, which always prove a health endangerment by Zimt benefit in whatever form and quantity, the warning of the spice is not fair and thus is it „to acquit “, stresses Zimtexperte Sven David Mueller Nothmann finally.

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The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (ZEK) of Sven David Mueller Nothmann in Aachen dedicates itself in particular health promotion, nutrition and Diät

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