25 years BUS - the history of a management consultation in Germany

25 years - a reason to celebrate (openPR) - of beginning BUS concentrated on the exempt private companies. Completely consistently - and over 20 years against the general Mainstream. Because exempt private companies were not always „in “, although you also over 85% illustrate the majority of all German enterprises.

25 years - who has the head so long successfully in this turbulent advisor market above, needs staying power, innovation strength, sovereignty and the will to success. Holding to traditions, in addition, the absolute ability need for change and for adjustment to the constantly changing Umwelten. With BUS extremely itself that in the fact that the freelance advisors family business-oriented their core authority in one for many years „“network up and develop. With one mix from specialized technical and conversion advisors, can the neuralgic points of the family businesses be found fast and the solutions outlined brisk. Assistance to the self-help is the slogan.

The permanent requirement after theoretical founding of a future-oriented consultation always brings the network on the successful search of new trends in the market to this very special clientele of the exempt private companies. Many of the realizations are summarized in the manual: „Like family entrepreneurs successfully the future to master “(Cornelsen publishing house Berlin) by purposeful educational measures the entrepreneurs and entrepreneur inside fit can become made for the tasks of the management. Apparently also that the advisers do not only represent kurzweilig complex contents, but also here always at the pulse of the time it is with the topics, which present her.

Enterprises, which have 25 years success at the market, did not steer from any investors. They live on one, sometimes on two heads, which link the fate of the enterprise with their own life. Guidance personalities, that illustrate their idea, their organization strength and their desire at the work not in a picture, in a music piece or a book, but in an enterprise. It is not simple to maintain ground for all these „artists “in a bürokratisierten Germany. In the economy there is the exempt private companies, which put such distances back, frustration suffers, defeats processes and like Phönix from ash emerges nevertheless again and again.

That can be reconstructed better, if one experienced all that. The exempt private company BUS is therefore the correct partner for exempt private companies.

BUS care group for entrepreneurs and independent one registered association Munich

Address of the enterprise:
Rosenheimerstr. 139
81671 Munich

Press contact:
Mrs. Dr. Claudia Schlembach

The BUS registered association sees itself as a representative for the interests of small and medium-size enterprises, predominantly to family businesses. Our work begins locally with the entrepreneur. Here we would like to give concrete support - for the success of each individual enterprise. To ensure from the respectable entrepreneurs, which operates for these stands to make also successful entrepreneurs and/or success also central and on a long-term basis. We want to reach that for nearly 25 years with our association.

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