3 occupation conclusions in 3 years - study info. day in the ANGELL education group to 19.1.2007

“Thumbs UP” for the offer of the ANGELL of education group (openPR) - the ANGELL academy Freiburg belongs to of Germany most renowned training centres in the industries tourism and Event. To the soccer world championship the studying were as town center Scouts on the way. For 2007 they plan a large two-day music festival in Freiburg. Projects like these are typical for the practical training in the tourism and Eventbereich at the ANGELL academy Freiburg. After the conclusion the studying are not only theoretical professionals but in ‚the real life' worked satisfactorily.

The studying profit from the flexible conception of levels of the ANGELL Bildungsverbunds. Depending upon personal life planning they can terminate the training two or three years in each case after one, with a nationally recognized occupation conclusion. After the first year it is the national recognized restaurant economics. After the second year the graduates international tourism assistants or Event Organiser are international. And who to-hangs still another one year now plus practical course, School Freiburg can acquire the also internationally recognized Bachelor OF Business in Tourism/Event management Victo ria of the University Melbourne at the AN-GELL Business. Also at the international partner universities in Great Britain, the USA, Finland and Australia the Bachelor is possible following the fishing rod louse formation.

All worth knowing one experienced interested one at the study info. day in Friday, 19 January 2007. It begins at 12 o'clock with a Campus route. The training are presented at 12.30 o'clock, the Bachelorprogramm at 14.00 o'clock. From 14.30 to 15,30 o'clock gives it to information of the specialist area leaders tourism and languages as well as to the international programs. The Schnuppervorlesungen to meeting organization and tourism makes o'clock curious starting from 15.30 about more.
Date: Friday, 19 January, 12 to 17 o'clock, Angell academy Freiburg, mat road 1. Further information under telephone: 0761/70329 26 as well as under www.angell-akademie-freiburg.de.

Iris Woltemate
Pressing and public work
ANGELL Bildungsverbund Freiburg
0761770 329-63

The ANGELL academy Freiburg in the ANGELL education group belongs Germany far to the most experienced teachers in the range tourism and Event.

A career in the tourism or meeting industry is internationally, alive and versatile. Exactly like our training. Special Weeks with lecturers from in and foreign country, working up-to-date in teams and small study groups, the concept development and the conversion of material tasks are a natural component of our training.

We set on the close binding to the professional experience. Mehrmonatige practical courses belong therefore exactly the same to the curriculum like the training of softly Skills - social and intercultural authority, communication, presentation and project management - central key qualifications for the successful occupation entrance.

The woman employees of the Career services worry already during the training about attractive practical course and jobs approximately about the globe. With our world-wide network of competent partners from tourism and industry we offer numerous national and international contacts and entrance possibilities to our graduates. Over 1200 the fishing rod-lab-solvent, which develop world-wide their career, speak for itself.

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