A bank for the career

About the “bank for the career” Marc Rothländer and Petra Wältermann worries at the EUFH Dr. (openPR) - new to the EUFH - Bachelor plus banker:

In combination with the binary Bachelor course of studies financial and plant management are now also possible it at the European professional school (EUFH) in Brühl to complete parallel training as the banker and/or as the bank purchase woman with IHK examination. Thus the studying will have recognized university conclusion Bachelor OF Science (BSc) after only six terms beside their nationally and internationally also a IHK certification in one of the most in demand teaching professions in the bag.

This double qualification in theory and practice will open many doors of the financial world for them. They do not only have good career chances in many work areas of a credit institute of the private and firm customer service over the foreign business up to marketing, personnel management or organization and Controlling. To the financial and plant managers is open also an entrance with insurance companies, enterprises of property and housing industry or with independent Finanzdienstleistern.

The binary study at the European professional school particularly considers to the fact that the bank industry is for some time in paging and itself increasingly toward intensive consultation oriented. Although bankers are still used in all sections, which a modern bank has to offer, there is a clear trend to sellingnear departments like the investment advice. The activity of bankers becomes ever more fastidious also, because the credit institutes see themselves ever stronger in the role of management consultants.

Enterprise and financialeconomical contents are therefore only one emphasis of the study to the EUFH. The need consultation founded by private and firm customers at comprehensive and grew strongly. The acquisition of over-technical authority, which ensures a trusting dialogue with the customer and which is almost difficult-to-understand offer at investments for it become to let more transparent, just as importantly. On the switching of „softly Skills “like co-operation and able to communicateness and Fremdsprachenkenntnissen by intensive trainings and one foreign term therefore a strong accent is.

For graduates also the possibility exists of entering into the ranges management consultation or audit which are on the one hand fastidious, on the other hand in addition, outstanding earning facilities for Young Professionals offers. To the co-operation partners one of the audit and consulting companies leading Germany far belongs to the university with the PricewaterhouseCoopers AG. Who can prove the Bachelor of the EUFH and four years professional activity, is entitled, to acquire the conclusion of a chartered accoutant additionally. Thus it can accomplish not only the legally prescribed obligation examination of the end-of-year procedures for enterprises, but stand for them also advisory in Steuersachen and other economic interests to the side.

The new course of studies of the binary study to the EUFH in Brühl is a good jump board for successful careers in the financial and plant industry. The way there requires much employment and motivation, but the Bachelor study financial and plant management with the training as/as the banker/woman is a large step into this direction - a bank for the career.

Study start is either on 1 July with the practice phase or on 1 October with the theory phase. An early application is recommended. There is detailed information in the Internet under www.eufh.de.

Renate Kraft
(Referentin for pressing and public work)
European professional school
Emperor route 6
50321 Brühl
Tel.: (02232) 5673-41
E-Mail: r.kraft@eufh.de

European professional school (EUFH): The binary way to the career

The EUFH is a nationally recognized professional school in private working group, which assigns one country widely and internationally recognized Bachelor conclusion and trade, industry, economical informatics, logistics, financial and plant management as well as building industry offer economical, industry-specific binary courses of studies within the ranges. The binary study consists of theory phases at the university and practical work in the enterprise. During the practice phases the studying can complete either training in the commercial range with following IHK examination or practical courses.

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