A free magazine makes it for students possible to test their journalistic ability

(openPR) - the free magazine “dialectic” makes it for students possible to publish own articles. The readers of the magazine evaluate this article then after quality and contents. In addition this project is also very interesting for angagierte young people, since they have here the possibility of reporting on their activities and of causing perhaps also something.

Dialectic sees itself as initiative against the possibilities lacking of participation within the range of the media. It wants to make possible it also for the people to topics to express itself, which do not get the possibility for it in the past media. Also organ sowing ions and movements of all kinds are to be able to reveal their opinions and arguments of the public here without on it enormous sums at capital to spend to have.

However each article must be examined by the editorship, before it is published. This is to help thereby the quality the magazine to secure. In order to secure the political independence of the magazine, the director/conductor of the editorship is selected once a year democratically by the readers.

Since all contents of the magazine of a Creative Commons license stand, it also different media is permitted to likewise publish the articles published on dialectic in other media.

For further information to this project Markus Pollak than partners is available gladly.

Project manager
Markus Pollak
Gemeindeaugasse 16/13
1220 Vienna
Tel: +43,699 12408296
E-Mail: pollak.markus@gmx.at

The free and independent magazine in Austria

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