A handicraft with future

The training apprentices (openPR) - 2005 started country widely 4,371 young people in the building cleaner handicraft in the working life. Those are nearly three times as many as still before ten years. And the building cleaning sector is a vocational field with perspective: The number of the persons employed increased in the same period by nearly 150,000 on last 850,602.

Also GmbH & CO trained Paul. Kg belongs in the region to one of the prominent training enterprises. Up-to-date busily 29 training (conditions trained: November 2006). 22 of it within the classical, commercial range. Here a facet-rich job for the occupation A RISERs, which goes far beyond bare flash, waits. For some customers trained for example tasks within the range building management takes over - from the caretaker service over the cafeteria management up to the security agency. Also particularly fastidious tasks of disinfection - for instance in operating rooms, or with machines in food production belong to homes for the elderly to the fastidious task spectrum. „For such jobs need we engaged and well qualified people “, thus managing directors of olive Knedlich.

After the classical training gives it in addition numerous training further possibilities, so for example to the master or to the technician. „The specialized higher education to the cleaning and hygiene manager is a further alternative. Also who does not have Abitur, the training managing director can hit this way during existed mastership examination “, says.

And the perspective in the building cleaner handicraft is shining. Of it Ulf William is convinced of the federal guild federation of the building cleaner handicraft: “The enterprises of the building cleaner handicraft their training numbers increased defiance of a general trend to the training place dismantling in the total handicraft in the last years continuously. “Alone 2005 rose the number of the training in the building cleaner handicraft by 6,2 per cent. In the handicraft the number of the apprentices generally sank against it by 2,4 per cent. „Unemployment and lack of training places are in this handicraft also in economically difficult times further foreign words “, like that William.

GmbH & CO trained Paul. Kg
Olive Knedlich
North road 38
42853 rem-separate
Fon: 02191 - 466 - 0
Fax: 02191 - 466 - 46

Tom Brankamp
Spruce road 75
40233 Duesseldorf

GmbH & CO trained Paul. Kg is a medium-size building cleaning and service enterprise with regional focus. Beside the classical maintenance and building cleaning the enterprise offers among other things also and - services, caretaker and security agencies, borrowing personnel and individual services to industrial cleaning. At the head office in rem-separate and in the addresses in Hilden and Wuppertal converted those approximately 2,000 well trained coworkers last 26 million euro in the year.

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