ADION offers new PC table system for school teaching - ideal furniture for computer corners

With furniture of ADION computer applications are problem-free possible also in the normal school teaching. (openPR) - the computer takes a ever larger value in the school teaching. Apart from classical application in EDP instruction PCs can be used also in all other subjects of instruction. An Internet search, a DVDs or CD-ROM can loosen up even subjects of instruction such as mathematics or physics. Sufficiently if place is available in the classroom, schools furnish ever more frequently medium corners so mentioned with computers in the classrooms. The problem: at conventional computer tables no further applications of instruction are more possible, because the monitors take too much area away. Frequently the mechanism of a medium corner fails because of the missing place.

The hessian enterprise ADION developed now a new furniture system, with which the screen is attached in a mounting plate under the desk top. By a recess in the plate, which is covered with a Sicherheitsglasscheibe, the view of the ergonomically sitting operator in the correct angle of the screen falls. The Clou thereby: by the integration of the hardware under the desk top furniture can be used not only for PC training purposes, but also for conventional instruction, since the table surface is completely free. In addition the pupils have free view to the teacher.

In the meantime ADION manufactures 14 different models in 168 variants for roaring and flat screens. Single and double jobs in different sizes as well as standing desks belong to the broad product range.

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The ADION GmbH is a manufacturer of ergonomically optimized computer furniture for the employment in school, seminar and in the Homeworking range.

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