Advanced training for professional singers and singers

Singer and being correct coach anno sounds live in the jazz jazz-Schmiede Duesseldorf, Foto: Act IANA bake (openPR) - Cologne, 23 February 2007 with a completely new offer at Workshops and seminars for singing professionals and paedagogues reacts the being correct workshop starting from July to the deficit in the job-specific advanced training offer. In so far seven meetings up to the year end with renowned lecturer (Silvia Droste, Professor Noelle Turner, Romeo Alavi Kia among other things) topics are taken up, which many stand openly. It concerns to develop technically and stylistic further, in order to be able to work on the pulse of the time.

Does one finish learning ever No that know straight singers already since more jeher. But the advanced training offer is quite limited. Straight ones today, since there are various stimmliche requirements to young occupation singers, are singing teachers often overtaxed - the classical singing training, which dominates the offer still at of Germany universities, passes practice. Although the classical being correct formation offers a good basis also for other Stilistiken, then further development is unfit for the modern singing. The jazz course of studies misses again frequently to a solid technical basis, so that the musical singing training seems to only offer here a broad basis for the professional being correct employment in skirt, to Pop, jazz, chanson. Now there is a number of private musical schools with partial dubious offer, it gives Pop and jazz Workshops with different emphasis and master courses in the opera and song singing, which are usually not accessible however for classically not trained (professional) singers. Which is a large gap at Weiterbilungsangeboten for interested and modern singers and singers remains - in particular also for singing paedagogues. The being correct workshop offers here in small groups highly-qualified advanced training in Speech level Singing, musical singing, skirt singing, Integrativem being correct training, Studio photographs, microphone handling among other things
There one should take the opportunity and invest into the own qualification - straight in 2007, where many come still into the benefit of the education cheque. By this measure up to 50% of the costs by the country North-Rhine/Westphalia are taken over.

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The being correct workshop offers technically highly-qualified private lessons and training for hobby and occupation singers, as well as humans, which must speak much in the everyday life since its existence in Rodenkirchen in friendly areas: Teachers and teacher, politician, Vertriebler, high-level personnel, adviser, coach, call center Agents u.v.a.
The offer with the new program 2007 starting from January extended by sequential courses and Workshops within the ranges breath and being correct training, musical for children, Gospel choir, the art of the text organization, Rhetorik and communication, stress management, (RH) Vitalisierung by the breath, harmonization of body and spirit, well-being. Starting from July advanced training for professional singers and singing paedagogues.

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