Apprenticeship market: Demand for professional application consultation rises

2befirst - Application consultation and profile analysis in Bonn (openPR) - even if the job market situation relaxed up-to-date, then it is for many training place-looking for heavily a suitable training place to find.

“Exist apart from the existing lack of training places also with the applicants themselves substantial deficits. This are to be seen not with priority in their qualification, but rather in the insufficient Vorbeugung on the training place search! ”, so Claudia franc, woman employee of the Bonn application consultation 2befirst.

The demand for professional consultation, profile analysis and Coaching within the range self marketing continues to increase. “Successful apply are called: from the mass and the own qualities stand out concisely, purposefully and above all creatively to present”, so franc.

In Bonn the coworkers of 2befirst support their clients in the context of the application organization, in addition, already in the apron, with the structured search for suitable offers: “Many do not know at all, where and/or how they approach to potenzielle apprentice positions” report franc further.

Also the knowledge around the own strengths and authority is not sufficiently pronounced with at least each second applicant, straight lies here the key to a successful application!

As instrument of the choice for 2befirst the profile passport proved: the training-looking for work together with an educational coworker in the sense of a manual the personal qualifications out and discuss their relevance for the desired teaching profession. The result: An application, which lifts the personality out of the applicant in special measure and thus individuality mediated. Wish exactly personnel responsible person.

The costs of these advisory activities are small and usually for taxation removable. A further plus, which lets the demand rise.

Closer information to the offer receives you under www.2befirst.de

Further information/press contact:

Marcus fog
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53175 Bonn
Tel. 0178-1840247
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over 2befirst:
2befirst offers professional consultation with all questions approximately around the topics occupation choice, application and profile analysis. We understand ourselves as process-accompanying and holistic oriented. Our offer addresses itself in the special to occupation risers and reCA risers. A special focus of our consultation is on the authority-focused profile analysis.

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