Beautiful Energies - which see world once with other eyes

Picture: © Albert Metzler, Platinum News.De http://www.platinum-news.de, Duesseldorf (openPR) - the recent neurological research gets us in bad trouble, if it concerns the question, how free we are in our thinking and acting. The processes, which run off in the brain, seem to nearly already have an independent existence and our influence on our daily fate would be relatively small thereby. Like always this is however only one side the medal. Albert Metzler undertakes Beautiful Energies with its „“an approach to roll the things up from another perspective. It sensitizes the view for it as we follow more frequently than necessarily simply our conditioning and us actually the available the organization possibilities surveyed.

„We do not see the world, how them are, but so, as we ourselves are “, determine Metzler. But exactly here the beginning of a personal adventure can lie, because vague uneasiness and dares feeling, the life could also completely different be, probably knows everyone. Which is missing, perhaps a little courage is to in-permit itself on this instinct.

Albert Metzler follows in his argumentation the newest realizations of the quantum theory and points the similarities out between modern physics and eastern philosophy, in order to explain before this background, why the demand for perfection is deeply human.

The good message: „Energy is inexhaustible “. „Beautiful Energies “is an invitation to discover the own creative forces again and the subtle emotions, which can serve us as signposts/guides, to give again more attention. The individual chapters that CD are held in very motivating intonation and it make joy simple to let the remarks affect itself. If one permits oneself it to see the world and the own life afterwards more frequently times with „other “eyes the way becomes free for a process of the transformation.

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Albert Metzler
Beautiful Energies Reality Coaching
Language: German
1 CD, running time approx. 72 minutes
Jewelbox 14.90 € (D)
ISBN (10) 3-937864-95-4
Breuer & being DIN Verlagskontor 2006

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Albert Metzler, Bestseller-Autor and Begründer direction and trend-setting philosophy „alternatives of thinking “transforms the realizations of his studies from the ranges of the Germanistik, philosophy, Amerikanistik and Design in his work, to innovative new beginnings. Its statements provided so far only a completely new world view for a selected circle and supplied there material for lively discussions. In the meantime its statements the subject of numerous specialized publications are omnipräsent and on international Business platforms. The author convinces particularly by his authenticity.

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The Breuer & the being DIN Verlagskontor are well-known in the market as established offerers from high-quality councellors hearing books as well as the well-known language courses according to the Birkenbihl method. All productions are manufactured in the own Tonstudio. With the speaker selection the publishing house e.g. falls back to renowned speakers and spokeswomen, like Matthias Haase (voice of star TV), Alexandra Marisa Wilcke (voice of Miranda Otto from master of the rings), Klaus Nierhoff (SOKO, the last flight) and Tobias master (German synchronous voice of Brad Pitt). Among the publishing house authors Birkenbihl rank further personalities, like Annette Rexrodt of Fircks, Kurt Tepperwein, Stéphane Etrillard, Albert Metzler, Paul Lahninger u.v.a. under www.verlagskontor.com find to prospective customers the possibility via Web radio into productions to in-listen beside Vera F. In April 2002 the created publishing house of the partners Bodo being DIN and Heiko Breuer under the Slogan is led: “Common learn - to live - grow”.

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