Berlin technical academy of art opens its doors

Campus btk at the Potsdamer the place (openPR) - to the first term open the citizens of Berlin technical academy of art ended on 15 February 2007 their doors for all interested visitors.

Directly with the Potsdamer place convenient, trains the citizens of Berlin technical academy of art (btk) since October 2006 about 80 studying as communication designers, who can acquire the internationally recognized Bachelor conclusion there. It is the avowed goal of the university of taking up the constantly extending technical possibilities in the ranges Design and art consistently to the training enterprise. Thus after the basic study two fields are offered: Visual and Motiondesign are concerned with the current artistic trends in the classical medium formats painting, photography and film. The course of studies information and interface Design dedicates itself to the research of interfaces of communication between humans and machine. That can concern for instance the meaningful arrangement of the interactive elements of a ticket automat or the organization of an interactive museum round course aligned to optimal handling.

Common „Action Painting “

At the information day the newest developments within these ranges are presented to Khazaeli after some einführenden words of the rector Cyrus D. by the lecturers of the university in separate groups of information.
The painter Hans Hendrik Grimmling, university teacher for Bildneri shapes to btk, will let Action Painting develop with one „“together with student a dreissigteiliges, large sized picture. This work is cinematic documented, so that the result can be artistically further worked on with different techniques. When regarding the photographies of Matthias Leupold those does not only place itself since David LaChapelle virulente question, which reality is able to still illustrate the photography in times of their progressive digitization.

Humans and machine

For the field information and interface Design are made possible for Till nail among other things to demonstrate, how with few programming steps a graphic environment can be produced, those it to make visible and communicate by interactive applications information. And the presentation of Lauritz Lipp will bring up for discussion the future of communication between humans and machine: Behind the key word „“the trend hides itself ubiquitous interfaces to overcome the concentration of the information on the screen of the computer and to let these appear with a projector on the article, to which they belong. In this way these surfaces themselves become „intelligently “, because they present the possibilities for the interactive manipulation of the objects, whose part they are apart from the information due to them at the same time.

The day of the open door takes place on 15 February 2007 starting from 15.30 o'clock in the Bernburger road 24-25, Berlin. Parallel to the conceptions of the individual training ranges the present university teachers offer opportunity to individually tailored consulting advices over the application procedures and the study possibilities ordered at the citizens of Berlin technical academy of art.

The next info. day takes place to 8.3.2007.

Berlin technical academy of art
University for organization (FH)
University OF Applied Sciences
Bernburger STR. 24-25 - 10963 Berlin
Tel. (0) 30 - 25 35 86 98
Fax (0) 30 - 26 94 96 05
E-Mail: info@btk-fh.de
Web: www.btk-fh.de

Background: The citizens of Berlin technical academy of art is a private, nationally recognized university for organization (FH). She trains at the Potsdamer place starting from October 2006 communication designers particularly for future-oriented fields of activity in the medium industry. Motiondesigner, 3D kindist, on air designer, VJ, Multimedia Konzeptioner, interface designer, info. commercial artist, screen designer or kind Director are thereby only some occupations, which the graduates of the courses of studies „Visual & Motiondesign “as well as „information & interface Design “with the conclusion „Bachelor OF kind “openly.

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