Between Augustinus and Heidegger

The Benediktbeurer baroque hall (photo: Hermann Kuhn) (openPR) - Benediktbeurer Thomas academy is occupied with Bernhard Welte (1906-1983)

In each case to the beginning of the year the philosophical-theological university of the Salesianer Don Boscos Benediktbeuern organizes one - after hl. Thomas's von Aquin († 1274) designated - academic ceremony: the Thomas academy. As an adviser theologian Professor Dr. Dr. h could in this year of the Freiburger. C. Bernhard Casper to be won, who under the title” who loves itself God, must all dear “with the life and the meaning Bernhard Weltes will employ.

From Messkirch/bathing coming Freiburger religion philosopher and priest the Bernhard Welte (1906-1983) had been concerned in its lehr and research work with philosophical-theological border questions and in particular the tension between religious experience and secularized world brought up for discussion. It could to be energized by its compatriot Martin Heidegger and other existence philosopher as also by the church teachers Thomas von Aquin and Augustinus.

The Thomas academy finds on Monday, 15 January 2007, in the baroque hall of the monastery Benediktbeuern instead of (entrance over monastery gate). Beginning is at 19.30 o'clock. The members of the two Benediktbeurer universities are not only invited, but all at the topic interested. The entrance is free.

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