Bird monitoring report 2005 is present

Third bird monitoring report for Saxonia-Anhalt submitted (openPR) - one hundred bird observers honorary with support from far over the national bird protection control room Steckby (national office for environmental protection) submitted the third annual report. Therein the entire national existence of the birds becomes estimated. Most frequently at present the Buchfinken (500,000 breeding's pairs) in Saxonia-Anhalt breed. Followed of Kohlmeisen (350.000), field larks and Haussperlinge (ever 300,000), blackbirds and stars (ever 250,000), the magazine EUROPATICKER environmental call (www.europaticker.de) announces.

With some rarer kinds of breeding bird the existence recovered pleasing. Thus in the meantime annually 40-50 pairs of the Rohrdommel breed in Saxonia-Anhalt. A few years ago there was only half so much. Also the recently still extremely rare Blaukehlchen comes now with 60-70 pairs quite far common in the country forwards. Even 1200 breeding's pairs of the night-active Ziegenmelker could be proven by intensive collections in the European bird protected areas. The estimated value for the entire country amounted to before 300 - 400 pairs. However 500 breeding's pairs could be determined in the Colbitz - Letzlinger heath.

Also with the strongly threatened kinds of large bird black stork, sea-eagles and fish eagles stabilize the occurrences. And during the Kranichbestand counting over 200 pairs an example of the efforts of honorary Vogelschützer is to receive and disturbances from the breeding areas keep NIST places away, is considered as concern children Germany far the Grosstrappe and the kinds of meadow breeder.

The monitoring reports do not only serve ornithologischen interests. International obligations of the European bird protection guideline make it necessary to report since 2003 regularly on the situation of the domestic bird world.
The national bird protection control room in Steckby becomes in this year 75 years old. It is one of oldest Germany.

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