Blood sugars naturally lower: Zinc, Zimt and chrome against sugars

Zimt, zinc and chrome lower naturally the blood sugar (openPR) - zinc, Zimt and chrome can make „the sugar tablets redundant with Diabetikern even “

(Cologne - 18 January 2007): Apart from movement and medicamentous therapy the trace elements zinc and chrome as well as Zimt play an important role in the blood sugar regularization stressed by Diabetikern, today diabetes expert Sven David Mueller Nothmann of the center for nourishing communication and health journalism. Together with the Ernährungswissenschaftlerin Irina tree brook he wrote now the councellor „blood sugars naturally to lower “. Zinc, Zimt and chrome can help to lower the blood sugar and improve the insulin effect. They bend thereby also that diabetes mellitus type 2 forwards, described Mueller Nothmann. The authors explain, how the three blood sugar countersinks in the body work and provide for maximum effectiveness in the blood sugar regularization. Current studies show that the gift of Zimt can lower 2 Diabetikern the blood sugar with type over up to 30 per cent, without causing Unterzuckerungen. It is ideal, if Diabetiker take chrome and Zimt together, but separately from zinc. Zinc and chrome restrain themselves otherwise mutually with the admission. An optimal zinc supply is possible for Diabetiker only over a purposeful food addition, since most food is rather zinc-poor. It is to be noted that organic zinc connections are superior like zinc sulfate such as Zinkorotat or Zinkhistidin inorganic, since its bio-availability is higher. The consumption of Cola beverages, also Cola Light, prevents a good zinc supply!

Scientific studies prove that Diabetiker up to ten times more lose zinc and chrome over the urine than recover. Therefore many Diabetiker under a lack of zinc chrome suffer and let the insulin badly work, avowedly Mueller Nothmann. Since zinc, Zimt and chrome in particular strengthen the effect of the insulin, by decreasing the insulin resistance and improving the effect of the hormone at the cells, they are suitable for the metabolic optimization with type 1 and type 2 Diabetikern, stressed Sven David Mueller Nothmann, which is even since 1976 Diabetiker. Ernährungswissenschaftlerin tree brook and diabetes advisor Mueller Nothmann point out that with over-weighty Diabetikern often a per cent weight reduction the blood sugar can normalize 10. It is thus sufficient, if a 90 kilogram heavy over-weighty patient decreases 9 kilograms within 6 months. Nutrition is stressed the best diabetes therapy, which can lead type 2 diabetes even to „the healing “, Mueller Nothmann from its experience of many years in the Diabetikerschulung at the university clinic Aachen. Diabetiker should take daily at least 15, but at the most 30 Milligramm zinc. And a dose of 200 micro gram chrome daily means a metabolic discharge for sugar patient. Seriously the authors point out that also many over-weighty Diabetiker exhibit lack conditions. Überernährung usually means no sufficient vital material supply, and a thick belly is only indication calorie surplus, like that Mueller Nothmann.

Since over 90 per cent of the five million type 2 Diabetiker are over weighty, Sven David Mueller Nothmann, diabetes advisor of the German diabetes society weiht, in a chapter into the secrets of healthy removing. Many practice Tipps for Diabetiker supplement the slim councellor, who is available immediately for 7,95 euro in the book trade. „Blood sugars “carries the Logo naturally lowers the book „official promoter “from the German Diabetiker federation. The author duo concerns itself already longer with the effect of micro nutrients and Zimt on the blood sugar mirror and 2006 the councellor „Zimt against sugars - the prescription book “published. In addition shortly with „calorie killer “a book, which helps over-weighty when removing, appears. Regularly and free of charge diabetes advisor Mueller Nothmann Diabetiker on the Internet side www.zuckerberatung.de advises. Questions answer here also the well-known Cologne Diabetologe Dr. med. Peter Klasen. Bibliografi data: Blood sugars naturally lower, Irina Baumbach/Sven David Mueller Nothmann, Knaur, ISBN 3-426-64479-7, 7.95 €.

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