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Studying one from all world to guest to the EUFH (openPR) - studying from all world spend their foreign term in Brühl

Already for the spring 2003 the European professional school (EUFH) at the Erasmus Hochschulprogramm takes part and is long also thereby on the way into some Europe of the universities. At present nine Erasmus students spend and - students made of France, Lithuania and Poland their foreign term in Brühl. In addition, are of Hong Kong Baptist University, a partner university of the EUFH, two studying to guest.

Since at the beginning of Octobers study the guests from all world together with its German fellow students commercial law, statistics, management techniques or commercial logistics. Already soon each quantity of examinations and presentations stands on the program during the test phase also for the foreign studying. Additionally they are merged also in projects and case studies. Some the French guests for example are about to employ a comparison between the trade in France and Germany.

„We made, tell already good progress into German “Sabine Granger, which normally studies School (EBS) in Paris at the European Business. „There are hardly understanding problems, because we can ask the German students at any time. They help us always gladly and fast. “Also the discussions with lecturers and fellow students in instruction find helpful the guests. Thus is everything in the best way „Actually already “, Guillaume edge of putting, which likewise comes from Paris, laughs „only lunch time could be a little longer. In France we take ourselves much time, in order to eat completely in peace. “

And which strikes studying from Danzig, Wilna, Paris or Hong Kong just after Brühl „I spoke at home at the university with guest students of the EUFH, which recommended, tell Brühl most warmly to me “the Polin Katarzyna Kaniewska. „Of Brühl it is only one cat jump to Belgium, Luxembourg or Holland. For me the good location for interesting trips was important “, adds Judita Siupinyte from Lithuania. Exactly that played a role, which concern themselves at home with „European studies “also for the guests from Hong Kong and which would like therefore naturally also as much as possible received by the European life. „The life actually is in Cologne in Hong Kong rather similarly “, Yu Wai Chung found out, „at home is only cheaper all a little than here. “

For the two students of Hong Kong Baptist University it soon will become perhaps still a little more expensive, because in the context of their one year's stay in Europe they will spend Christmas in Switzerland. The other guests will then at home celebrate already again, however not, without strolling before over or other Weihnachtsmarkt in the environment.

„I wish you everything still another beautiful stay with much fun and joy “, said rector Professor Dr. Jürgen Dröge during a round of talks with the guests in this week, at which the studying particularly praised the modern equipment of the university and the beautiful Campusgarten. To be studied some from them to Germany to certainly return, is it around further, in order to work here or completely simply, in order to visit their new friends in Brühl.

Renate Kraft
(Referentin for pressing and public work)
European professional school
Emperor route 6
50321 Brühl
Tel.: (02232) 5673-41
E-Mail: r.kraft@eufh.de

European professional school (EUFH): The binary way to the career

The EUFH is a nationally recognized professional school in private working group, which assigns one country widely and internationally recognized Bachelor conclusion and trade, industry, economical informatics, logistics, financial and plant management as well as building industry offer economical, industry-specific binary courses of studies within the ranges. The binary study consists of theory phases at the university and practical work in the enterprise. During the practice phases the studying can complete either training in the commercial range with following IHK examination or practical courses.

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