Café of the animals with book art price 2006 excellently

Welcomely in the Café of the animals! (openPR) - the donation book art has the Kinderbuch Café of the animals, which the citizens of Berlin scientist inside Gerheid Scheerer Neumann and Carola Schnitzler, both vigorous at the university potsdam, with Illustrator Axel Nicolai to have realized, with „acknowledgment “as one of the most beautiful German books 2006 excellently.

„We are pleased much this honor to have received. “in such a way Carola Schnitzler, „this letter book trains the linguistic (phonological) consciousness of the 4-6 year old ones and help them to a first insight into the writing language. Thereby the starting chances for successful reading and letter learning can be improved. Gerde in times of PISA one must offer already early a genuine entrance to children for reading and writing. Our request consisted of converting for this current research results into an affectionate and positively arranged exterior. The result comes with the children very well on and that is the main thing. Our thanks go to the outstanding draughtsman Axel Nicolai. “Shortly additionally learning plays with „Mia mouse “would appear and „Ari ant bear “, so scientist inside.

The Café of the animals, ISBN: 3-7800-5226-1, in the publishing house Kallmeyer appeared with Friedrich in Seelze and costs 16.50 euro.

Gerheid Scheerer Neumann is diploma Psychologin and Professorin for Grundschulpädagogik/Lernbereich German at the University of potsdam. For many years the bekante Leseforscherin uses scientific realizations over the writing language acquisition, in order to facilitate for children the reading and letter learning and prepare it for it.

Carola Schnitzler is Logopädin and attained a doctorate at the University of potsdam, it teaches at the private European professional school Fresenius in Idstein. For several years it researches within the range writing language acquisition. Their special field is the meaning of linguistic abilities, in particular the phonological consciousness for the successful writing language acquisition.

The Frankfurt donation book art announces a record to 2006: 942 books of 421 a transmitters participated this year in the competition. The 57 honors are unendowed. The most beautiful German books 2006 are exemplary in organization, conception and technical processing. The donation book art carried promoted by the association of trade of the German book trade, the German national library, the city Frankfurt/Main and the city Leipzig and of the BKM, assigned the Federal Government for culture and media, country Hessen.

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