Cancer therapy does not know a unit prescription (or)

Identical cell structures can fulfill different functions with different kinds of cancer. A current study in the British journal OF CAN cerium shows this for a therapeutically important receptor molecule. (openPR) - the same receptor molecule can fulfill with different kinds of tumor different functions and thus therapy concepts in errs to lead. That is the core statement of one now in the British journal OF CAN cerium (BJC) published Arbeit*. In this the function of the HER2/neu-Rezeptors in tumor cells was compared by cancer of the breast and ovary cancer fabrics. The study supported by the Austrian science fund FWF shows that by the receptor adjusted vary cellular process between the compared kinds of cancer strongly. Since HER2/neu is the goal of a successful therapy cancer of the breast, the result has great importance for concepts for the treatment ovary cancer.

Cancer of the breast and ovary cancer can be both hereditary; can both on the same genetic defect be based and be able to do as result both a high number of the HER2/neu-Rezeptors to possess. Why however then don't both kinds of cancer react in the same way to a blockade of this receptor Which in the therapy cancer of the breast as the largest success of the last 20 years is to be regarded, ovary cancer fails with the therapy. A crucial contribution for clarifying “be around” now Dr. Dietmar Pils from the working group of Professor Michael Krainer, Onkologe supplies at the hospital for internal medicine I, medical University of Vienna.

A receptor. Two effects
The team compared fabric samples of 148 tumors of the ovary among themselves, with results of cancer of the breast fabric samples and with existing female patient data. Among other things interesting deviations were determined to cancer of the breast fabric. Likewise an accumulated occurrence of the HER2/neu-Rezeptors could be observed (a well-known fact), but another signal molecule (CXCR4) was in cells ovary cancer uninfluenced in approx. 25% of the cases. In cancer of the breast cells, which form HER2/neu strengthened, however straight also CXCR4 occurs more frequently than in healthy cells. CXCR4 a molecule is actual with the formation of Metastasen in connection brought and one is assumed the fact that HER2/neu the formation of CXCR4 both induced and the molecule protects at the same time against the dismantling by enzymes - and thus the cancer (i.e metastasierend) becomes more aggressive leaves. The results of the medical University of Vienna show now that with the Ovarialkarzinom this signal effect of the Her/2neu does not play a role.

Molecular diagnostics optimizes therapy
For the meaning of this result Professor Krainer means: “For nearly ten years one can identify the hereditary cancer of the breast by means of molecular diagnostics and fall back in the cancer of the breast therapy to monoclonal anti-bodies so mentioned. Point-exactly the HER2/neu-Rezeptor such a further growth of the tumor blocks and prevents first anti-bodies certified for the employment as medicine. A very good example of a custom-made therapy concept. How importantly however further differentiating is with the cancer therapy, now our work shows. Because although the same monoclonal anti-body fits also with cells ovary cancer on this receptor, it causes there cordially few. Actual my working group is to be created with it concerned by exactly such realizations bases for therapy optimizations during the cancer treatment and also erring ways pointed out. We are for the support of the FWFs very gratefully, there - also monetary - the value of basic research for the health system to be not yet fully recognized seem.”

This study promoted by the science fund FWF demonstrates however very clearly the direct meaning, which realizations of the basic research for the modern cancer therapy can have. Such studies actually permit to select that treatment, which promises individual female patients optimal assistance also from the broad spectrum at therapy possibilities. Because a unit prescription for the treatment cancer does not give it.

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In ovarian CAN cerium the prognostic influence OF HER2/neu is emergency dependent on the CXCR4/SDF-1 signalling pathway. D Pils, A Pinter, J rubbing wine, A Alfanz, P Horak, B C Schmid, L Hefler, R Horvat, A Reinthaller, R Zeillinger & M Krainer. British journal OF CAN cerium, doi: 10.1038/sj.bjc.6603581

To the Download (liable to pay the costs) at present available under: www.nature.com/bjc/journal/vaop/ncurrent/index.html (expenditure of 23. Jänner 2007)

Vienna, 26. Jänner 2007

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