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Line of AnimalVision is the Tierpsychologin Silke Matzen, here with “CO-Therapeutin” Moppel (openPR) - Hamburg, 15 January 2007 - a new training programme goes to the start. With AnimalVision participants are qualified out completely Germany occupation-accompanying for the occupation of the animal psychologist.

The year 2007 began, for many the time for a new start came now. An important topic is thereby the vocational future, jobs is uncertain and the working climate difficult. Vocational changing into the occupation of dream can fulfill itself the animal friend now with AnimalVision. At the end of February starts the training in animal psychology with a mixture from remote study and practice training. During the remote lessons the pupil learns with itself at home in his own speed. Additionally all participants meet regularly on the yard of AnimalVision with Hamburg, in order to test the learning in practice. Interested can one of the remainder places secure itself now.

The small group of maximally 20 participants is ideal for the beginning animal psychologists, in order to intensively learn handling animals and their holding. The entire training period amounts to 15 months.
On the 12 practice weekends the participants expect a large team of hochkarätiger guest advisers, who admit also beyond the borders of Germany are. In addition for the animal exercises are available the rabbits, cats, dog, sheep, donkey and horses of the yard.

Training centre is AnimalVision, Institut for animal behavior customer, animal protection and animal-supported Pädagogik. The chief Silke Matzen is diploma Psychologin, animal-psychologically actively and from lectures and seminars well-known. Detailed information for training is made available on the homepage www.animalvision.de as pdf.

Institut for animal behavior customer
Wheel ouple 42
22397 Hamburg
040/611,898 16

AnimalVision - Institut for animal behavior customer, animal protection and animal-supported Pädagogik
Institut serves three ranges:

1. Further training approximately around the topics of animals and humans. Priority the training as the occupation of the animal psychologist is to be called here. In addition, seminars and lectures are ordered to the normal keeper of an animal about animal language, animal husbandry, animal education and animal protection.
2. Animal-psychological consultation and animal training in house attendance and stationarily
3. Honorary tasks of animal protection
Projects in animal-supported Pädagogik cannot be offered to time unfortunately.

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