Characteristic numbers in the demand management

(openPR) - bath Homburg, which 12 January 2007 - which bath Homburger consulting company Csion Consulting has for the Eschborner out and training further offerer management Circle a written management training course to the topic ‚characteristic numbers in the Forderungsmanagement' compiled. This training course forms a module within the seminar offered by the management Circle to the topic ‚modern Forderungsmanagement'.

Authors of the module ‚characteristic numbers in the Forderungsmanagement' are Dr. Thomas Mochel, acting partner von Csion Consulting and Björn Stolte, management consultant with Csion with emphasis demand management.

The module about characteristic numbers in the demand management points the possibilities out of the strategic and operational use of characteristic numbers for the debtor management: Only if succeeds, both the demand existence can efficiency paste run gene in the demand management be obtained to steer and control and the individual process steps of the operational demand management efficiently. By characteristic numbers comparison yardsticks can be defined and to be analyzed developments over the time on aggregated level.

The management training course contacts to technical and high-level personnel from the ranges account systems, financings and Controlling as well as entrepreneurs and managing directors, who want to improve the demand management in their enterprise.

The next training course to the demand management starts on 15 February 2007 with the forwarding of the first lesson and ends with the forwarding of the letzen lesson on 5 April 2007. Prospective customers turn directly to the Lehrgangsmanagerin Daniela stone of the management Circle under Tel. 06196/4722 - 622 or stein@mc-edition.de.

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