Chiemgau Impakt - information meeting to 19.01.07 “multicolored mixed and strongly shocked”

The topic “multicolored gewürfelt and strongly shocked” - Chiemgau Impakt (openPR) - invitation for info. meeting „multicolored gewürfelt and strongly shocked “19.01.07 - 20 o'clock in the district administration office trusting stone, Ludwig Thoma STR. 2 (large Sitzungsaal). The topic “multicolored gewürfelt and strongly shocked”, the newest realizations of the research work of the “Chiemgau Impact Research team” are presented. Advisers are Dr. Michael black horse luck and Professor Dr. Kord Ernstson (admits also from the transmission Galileo special with the title “Apokalypse - when comes the death comet”.

Interested and representative of the press is invited to it - the entrance is free.

Hans Peter Matheisl
Ciemgau Impact Research team
Speckbichl 25
83324 resting pole thing
Mobile phone: 0170/3873237

Since the year 2000 a group of homeland researchers always pushed in the area between Altötting and trusting stone near the Chiemsee (southeast Bavaria) strange metallic pieces in the underground, as the extremely rare and/or Eisensilizid minerals Fe3Si (Gupeiit), occurring on earth in natural form, and Fe5Si3, (Xifengit) proved. The group around Werner Mayer (mountains), which an official order and an appropriate permission for the search for archaeologically meaning objects in the region possessed, determined that the unusual material was found regular in close proximity to remarkable Kraterstrukturen and in places, for which a human entry was hardly conceivable. The Krater had usually a pronounced ring barrier; some however - clearly visibly - through plows had been already gradened.

The spreading of the strange finds and laminar corresponding remarkablenesses of a bee honey monitoring (by Dr. B. Raeymaekers (2005)) excited with scientists of the universities Munich and Tübingen interest and arranged the group of Mayer in the future to an unusual program of the systematic study of the area findings, in whose process the idea of the impact of an extraterrestrial body accepted more shape in historical time ever. After certain conflicts with scientists of the universities mentioned the group of the homeland researchers decided to it, Dr. Michael black horse luck, astronomer and Archäoastronom, Institut for interdisciplinary research Gilching, Professor Dr. Kord Ernstson, geologist, geophycisist and Impaktfor from the university peppering castle, as well as private lecturer Dr. Uli Schüssler, Mineraloge and Petrologe, likewise from the University of peppering castle, in order to ask scientific support with the further investigation of the phenomenon. It came to a union of the discoverers around Werner Mayer with the scientists mentioned to the Chiemgau Impact Research team (CIRT), to which Barbara black horse luck, M.A., when Historikerin was added, after also the historical meaning of the phenomenon became ever more obvious.

Further at the phenomenon worked and work scientists of the Universities of Tübingen, Munich, Antwerp, Freiburg and Augsburg. In October 2004 the American magazine published ASTRONOMY an on-line article over the “Chiemgau comets”; at the same time a detailed scientific article of the CIRT was published over all up to then well-known aspects of the discovery in the Internet. Both articles spread over the scientific Internet forum CCNet (Cambridge Conference, Dr. Benny Peiser) within shortest time as “Big fear for OF Bavaria” (the MIRROR in an article over the discovery) world-wide, and an enormous interest of medium used. The today's conditions of the discovery with all the new findings and won realizations furnished in the meantime are presented on the Internet side www.chiemgau-impakt.de (version in English language www.chiemgau-impact.com), whereby in addition, the scientific discussion and conflicts do not remain left blank.

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