For alloe which want more there the MAGALOG 2007 is

For intelligent optimists

For one year with joy in learning faster smartly in the region Stuttgart

Foreign languages The plus in the global business now appeared Language journey program BusinessClass 2007 for technical and high level personnel

Forschungskuratorium textile presents image brochure with new Logo

Free Photoshop project for all German language schools

Freely talk before public in the Toastmasters club

From the management consultation with full power into the teachings

Further training for veterinary surgeons for the Zusatzbezeichung HomAeopathie

Further training from the marketing consultant to the sales director

Genetically change plants did an environmental risk

German director of museum in the silicone Valley receives Bill Gates for the award of the Tech museum Awards 2006

German participants fare with the test for Business English world wide best

German pupils are social Zombies

German society for information and data quality (DGIQ registered association) on the BI EII forum of the CeBIT 2007

GermanChinese conference to the enterprise follow up in Xi on

GermanRussian Workshop to innovations in the university management

Germany first 24 Stunden RFID Bibliothek of the University of Karlsruhe

Germany suffers from Vitaminmangel

Good practical courses and Hospitationen improve the employment prospects for Oecotrophologen

Good training further medicine for technical and high level personnel in the health service

Great Britain invests 156 million Pound to the safety device of the national education standards

Guidance change at the advertising & medium academy Marquardt

Guidance training with horses and Horsemanship Premium with a team international specialist

Half time for advertising scholarship in Berlin

Hamburg Media School ALUMNI registered association selects new executive committee

Heidelberger Institut counts 118 arguments by forceoe of it 35 with high intensity

Highly effective marketing brings enterprises on successful courses

Hotel Bachelor on the overhauling trace

Humans do not annoy you Anti annoyance training for more success in the occupation

If rolls make ill

IHK Forschungspreis for scientists of the university resin

Improves career chances with PR qualification

Improves chances on a study place In Austria the foreigner ratio tilts

Increase for the intercultural exchange

Info meetings at the Rheini education center over school training in medicine and biology

Initative for better speeches Acre Rhetorica Berlin

Initiativkreis future of the DWT met in the IABG

Innovation Coaching meets eLearning

Innovative enterprises should not leave alone the specialist to searches in godfather data bases

Instruction in the container

Interview Bernhard Bueb Praise of the discipline

It active companion in a constantly changing world

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