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Consumer councellor professional broker vs. private initiatives (openPR) - Grömitz - which first consumer councellor for private real estates - buyer & salesman, tenant & landlord, are just in p.verlag appeared. “Professional broker vs. private initiatives” gives information over it which it with private real estate businesses to consider applies and where sources of danger lurk. Beyond that the brochure information contains to the question whether the employment brokers is worthwhile oneself or the private initiative promises larger advantages.

The consumer councellor is everywhere in the trade for € 4.95 (ISBN 3000201726) as well as with many brokers also free of charge available.

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p.verlag real estate marketing

P.verlag councellor to the topic area the real estates since 2002 shifts books &.

We work for both sides. That is, we write and advise both private salesmen, and professional mediators. Why We are the opinion, we need the experiences and realizations from the co-operation of the respective other side around the others to help, them purposefully advise to be able.

How could we inform brokers about it which the market need and demands and which tendencies for the future are recognizable - to it to adjust applies itself - if we not regularly contact to private salesmen, buyers and tenants would maintain What should we guess/advise to private offerers, if we did not know as are professionally worked How differently should we recognize weak points and develop practical solutions

We want and a gentleman will not only serve. Our goal is to be affected it the property market altogether positively. On it we work daily.

Over still better and individual case-referred to advise to be able we died 2005 two strategic partnerships. On the one hand with immoRAT.com, which develop even info. brochures for the real estate economy, which we shift then. On the other hand with the KnowHowFactoy, which serve our authors and experts as source of information and take over for us the project-related consultation downstream of professional offerers.

Importantly in co-operation with the KnowHowFactory was received to us that our readers, but the many other interested, a consultation with high efficiency to extremely favorable conditions. Because we know: The money is with private salesmen, as also with many brokers, scarce.

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