10 years HYNAmetall in Recklinghausen - from the wood rack to the metal Design

Waiting hall, designed by Erich Hyna (openPR) - and its coworkers look to Erich Hyna in these days on ten successful years back. They established the enterprise as a creativen, efficient and reliable offerer for the external advertisement.

On 1 January 1997 Erich Hyna (www.hynametall.de) transferred the building department of the MOPLAK monumental and poster advertisement GmbH (today MOPLAK media service GmbH www.moplak.de), led up to then from him, to own direction and created as a fitter master the enterprise “Erich Hyna service of building of advertising”. In the first years one specialized in the production and the structure of large surfaces from wood, gradually the first advertising media with high order from metal and plastic developed and was built.

Own Design conceptions and developments followed: Information and advertising plants for the cities Herne, Castrop Rauxel and other one, town center star board with mono foot for the advertising economy and waiting halls for cities in completely Germany. The customer and reference list reads itself in the meantime like a “Who Is Who” of the external advertisement - the considerable enterprises are the basis for further developments in the building of advertising media.

The enterprise also and in particular strengthened into that so far ten years of its existence by its claims of quality at the market. In the year 1998 the entry followed into the trade register. In point times up to 18 mechanics and fitters are employed, who are considerably in the development of the products involved.

Erich Hyna, sole owner and creative feather/spring of the enterprise, says: “The largest challenge was the own Design, the development and the construction of new passenger shelters - for this my thanks to the customer, who gave me this possibility. For the next ten years I am pleased apart from the classical main business on the back meditation to the handicraft and the implementation of new ideas within the range furniture Design. Us also humans, the own ideas are welcome to bring and an individual conversion expect can.”

In this year Hyna on the open area before the manufacturing plant at the Cologne road will develop 19 advertising media and waiting halls further in Recklinghausen (proximity of TÜV), in order to make the exhibition sites still more attractive. One may look forward also to special productions such as stair and cantilever roof slab plants.

Press contact and further information:
FIBU control GmbH
Karl h. Brockers
Hoferland 2, 41366 Schwalmtal
Telephone: 02163/9 29 14-0
Fax: 02163/9 29 14-2

over HYNAnetall:
Erich Hyna metal and service of building of advertising (www.hynametall.de) developed, designs and builds all advertising medium usual within the external advertising range such as large surfaces, city information plants and waiting halls. Among the customers also cities and municipalities beside the large external advertising enterprises, which strengthen by advertising medium letting their local budgets, rank.

Over FIBU control:
The FIBU control GmbH is more than one software supplier: As examined program advisors the programs of the house Lexware/Haufe are offered as well as the entire support with installation and training. In addition is Karl h. Brockers as advisors within all economical ranges on small and medium sized enterprises from trade, handicraft and service specializes. For industry-specific challenges specialists stand likewise for order such as contacts to federations, chambers and promotion of economy development companies.

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