1000. Safety against falling manufactured

Safety against falling made of high-grade steel (openPR) - we the companies area & area, will for the first time deliver than 1000 Stk of our safety against falling (French of balconies and/or window lattices) at home and abroad in the current financial year 2006, since our establishment in the year 2003, more to our customers. As crucial medium our free on-line computer is considered for the determination of the railing price. Visit us in the Internet under: www.raum-areal.de. Use your precious time for the more important things with the building of houses!

Its area and area team

Area & area
Inh. Thomas Weigel
Hop cell 12
93488 Schönthal

Tel. 09978/801744
Fax 09978/801692

www. area areal.de
E-Mail: info@raum-areal.de

Enterprise of building of metals since 2003, establishment of the address in Prague in the year 2004, co-operation with the company LASA Vienna 2006 with new location in Austria

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