11. International passive house conference: Scientific adviser met in Bregenz

A jury consisting of European experts selected 80 expert contributions for 11 in two days. International passive house out. (openPR) - 80 trend-setting expert contributions from 170 international submissions selected

170 submissions from all world the hochkarätig occupied scientific adviser of the 11 durchforstete. International passive house conference at the beginning of of Decembers in Bregenz (Austria). Were selected the 80 most future-pointing developments, products and trend approximately around the topic energy-efficient building. They are presented in expert contributions during the conference of 13. until 14 April 2007 in the Festspielhaus Bregenz.

„The submitted Abstracts originates from all parts of the world “, is pleased architect DI Helmut Krapmeier of Energieinstitut Vorarlberg about the large interest to the 11. International passive house conference 2007 in Bregenz. Energieinstitut Vorarlberg is common with the renowned passive house Institut in Darmstadt organizer of the conference on the Austrian Bodensee bank. „Under the submissions are enterprises, individuals and institutions from all countries of Europe, strengthened also from Eastern European states such as Hungary, Slowakei, Poland or Kroation. In addition, from Japan, Viet Nam, the USA, Iran, white Russia or the Ukraine “, Krapmeier reports.

Large international interest.

the scientific conference adviser has 80 of these submissions now for 11. International passive house conference in April 2007 selected. Primary criterion of the selection: The project should be able to show already converted and to possibility first experiences. With structural Abstracts those applied for market close conception as main criterion. The 11-köpfige scientific conference adviser consists of hochkarätigen industry experts from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Among them for instance the Forschungsleiter of the EMPA Switzerland (Swiss federal material testing and research institute).

Already for years the international passive house conference applies as trend-setting, which concerns new products and trends of energy-efficient building. Thus approximately in the past year a new vacuum insulating material was presented, which needs one fifth of the strength of conventional insulating materials with same effect only. In this year already market-established, 2007 on the passive house conference new application fields of the vacuum insulating material are presented.

„With the passive house concept “is the slogan of the 11 creates lasting building culture. International passive house conference in Bregenz, with which this time architecture stands in the center. „With the help of architecture it is to be built today possible houses, which need, formulate a tenth at heating energy compared with houses in existing buildings only “it passive house expert Wolfgang protect from the passive house Institut Darmstadt. If houses were in the future only established in passive household pool of broadcasting corporations, the consumption of fossil energy could be reduced by 60 per cent in the next 30 to 40 years.

Are expected to the 11. International passive house conference 600 participant inside and participants from the whole world. During the conference to 13 is presented to them approximately. and 14 April 2007 the newest developments, products and trends around the topic energy-efficient building. A Exkursion leads interested on 15 April 2007 too „Best Practice “- examples - new building and existing building reorganization - in the regional periphery.

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A jury consisting of European experts selected 80 expert contributions for 11 in two days. International passive house out. Copyright: Energieinstitut Vorarlberg (casting fee-free for reporting over 11. International passive house conference. Indication of the picture proof is a condition.)

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DI Arch. Helmut Krapmeier, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, telephone 0043/5572/31202 61, Mail
Alexandra Stockmeyer, Pzwei.Pressearbeit, telephone 0043/5574/44715 22, Mail ast@pzwei.at

Passive house exhibition shows trends and pieces of news

Parallel to the 11. Bregenz (architecture finds international passive house conference in the completely again arranged Festspielhaus: Dietrich/Untertrifaller) a passive house exhibition instead of. As the guidance fair of the passive house industry the exhibition informs comprehensively about products, materials, new technical systems and procedures of energy-efficient building and modernizing. An interesting lecture program of the exhibitors addresses itself both to measurement and conference visitors and rounds the exhibition program off. The entrance to the fair is free. Documents to the passive house exhibition are available ausstellung@passivhaustagung.at with Energieinstitut Vorarlberg under +43 (0) 5572/31202 80, fax -180, Mail.

Fact box:

11. International passive house conference
13. until 14 April 2007
Passive house Exkursion on 15 April 2007
Place: Festspielhaus Bregenz (Austria)
Information: www.passivhaustagung.at

Passive house exhibition 2007
13. until 14 April 2007
Place: Festspielhaus Bregenz (Austria) - workshop stage
Exhibition surface: 1,700 m ²
Information: Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, +43 (0) 5572/31202 80, fax -180, Mail ausstellung@passivhaustagung.at.
The entrance to the fair is free.

Main organizer: Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, passive house Institut in Darmstadt
Supported of the partners of the institute for energy Vorarlberg: per climate, Danube university Krems, energy and environmental center Allgäu (eza!), VAI Vorarlberger architecture Institut
Financially one supports 11. International passive house conference of: Office of the Vorarlberger federal state government, city Bregenz, Austrian Federal Ministry for land and forestry, Austrian Federal Ministry for traffic, innovation and technology, house of the future, PEP - graduation OF European passive Houses, intelligently Energy - Europe, NENA Interreg IIIb

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