150 steps to the dream house: If the light deceives the senses

(openPR) - the search for the desire real estate was for a long time and complex. Many weekends, dates with brokers and salesmen went drauf. And now one stands before its dream house. The situation seems exzellent, to which structural condition does not leave also no lack to recognize, a renovation back-up is also on the second view topic. And which concerns the selling price: There one heard buyer's market of one „“- a little acting thus always goes. Best conditions therefore for a good Deal and thus the fulfilment of the real estate dream.

Perception of the interests of buyer

Who calculated and specified the demanded purchase price objectively Is it the desire price of the salesman or the broker Or was a friendly architect also in the play For Axel Weih, one of the three founders of the service enterprise „house checks “is certain: „Many houses and dwellings are simply wrongly evaluated, because one did not know numerous factors at all during the price determination or saw “. Together with its colleagues - all together experienced specialists - it rises as it were the house or housing salesman to' s roof. Before it examines however the solar heat collectors, it has to do in the cellar enough. How is the condition of the annexes and the heating system Which costs would come during a medium-term new acquisition to the buyer Are there moistens and at first sight not recognizable defective places in the brick-work - perhaps causes by an earlier water break-down How is the condition of the floors and the stairway House check specialist Weih is again and again surprised, which lack are concealed to the possible buyer, whereby it limits: „Many damage is not well-known even the owner, them shows up only if one examines the house or the dwelling precisely and leaves nothing unconsidered “. In the long run it - so the real estate specialist - concerns the perception of the customer and interests of buyer. Because in their order are the examiners country widely on the way, before the sales contract is signed.

Expert's assessment gives information

Ewald forest man, experienced architect and exactly like Weih joint founder houses of the check, refers to the written status report, which the customer gets. On the basis of this expert's assessment also the appropriate purchase price was determined. It is now basis for the further discussions between salesmen and buyers of the real estate. More than 150 test criteria play a role, whereby some with laymen cause a head vibrating. Here the professionals do not let talk however with itself. „Even the height of a stairway hand rail and the statics of the stairs can be decisive if a stair elevator is inserted later and it is not to come to unpleasant expensive changes “. For the basic expert's assessment the specialists require 375 euro plus VAT. and attach importance to the neutrality opposite brokers or banks. Reinhold pellet, with which the threads gather in the office in Unterföhring with Munich, gets straight: „We are obligated to the customer only and it in relation to within the responsibility. Our job is it to ensure that the buyer receives his desire real estate at a fair and appropriate price “.

New jobs

If one addresses pellet on the acceptance of its service, then one feels an enthusiasm, which has its causes also in the personnel search: „We look for handstruggling humans, who are been versed at the building or in the architecture, which its customers stand fair and competently in an advisory manner and for them to the side. And there likes nearly to me, we many people over 50 would get. Whether as the second support leg or full existence: There there are some possibilities in completely Germany still “. The Trio plans a surface covering supply and attaches importance to absolute customer proximity. So the houses check professional should in the region of its customers live and have there its roots, its networks use. The Nürnberger Axel Weih supplements: „The age plays at all no role. If someone makes a good job with 55 years, he is cordially welcome “.

House check Ltd. & CO. Kg
Resident of Munich STR. 12 - 16
85774 Unterföhring
Reinhold pellet

House check is a service enterprise with partners in whole Germany, which it to the goal to have sat down, risks and uncertainties, which can develop for the buyer of a real estate, to minimize and to maximize success with the real estate acquisition.

Our advisors are experienced specialists from the building and real estate industry, which you support with the necessary expert knowledge and the necessities objectivity thereby, which protect correct purchase decision to meet and you, to acquire an lack-afflicted or made too expensive real estate.

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