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1a-work.de - the portal for the craftsman search (openPR) - Aalen, 10.01.2007 - thereby the search for the craftsman not to the nightmare becomes, is worth clicks on 1a-work.de. Because on of Germany large search portal around building country widely approximately 500,000 craftsmen and architect present themselves approximately. Here find aimed to owner the correct crafts enterprise.

In nearly all specialist areas there are outstanding search portals - only the craftsman range seemed of it so far excluded. And in such a way the search for the correct enterprise became almost historical and ended in the time-intensive Durchforsten of industry books. The consumer today has however requirement on simple and detailed information in the Internet - and 1a-work.de sets exactly there.

1a-work.de simply great craftsmen find

Internet users know the horror: A search word - thousand hits. With 1a-work.de clicking for hours in Google & CO has finally an end. The owner scans either by keyword or trade the desired ranges. The list of the vocational fields of A is enough such as architect over G such as Gipser up to Z such as building of fences.

Subsequently, it limits the score with the periphery search and postal zip code. Thus the recondition-joyful receives exactly the craftsmen in the desired region. He puts the most interesting crafts enterprises down in his noticing list. It sends equivalent still another collecting E-Mail to assistance of these to three craftsmen loosely.

1a-work.de - to serve simply, fast and clearly

Special value with 1a-work.de on clarity and simple operability one put. The craftsman search in 1a-work.de becomes the success experience and brings new ideas. Completely consciously without Pop UP advertisement one did. Thus 1a-work-Nutzer saves much - above all time and nerves!

Indication: 1.748 (with blanks)

Casting fee-free. Please you send us when publication a specimen copy.

Ute Dambacher
iti media GmbH
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73434 Aalen
Tel: +49 (7361) 92 10-0
Fax: +49 (7361) 92 10-25
E-Mail: ute.dambacher@1a-work.de
Internet: www.1a-work.de

Short profile 1a-work.de
1a-work.de is special a search portal for the building craft. 1a-work.de succeeded a singular combination of Internet presentation and search portal. The use lies in the detailed presentation of the enterprise with performance specification and pictures as well as the precise search function on the basis different criteria. Without previous knowledge the craftsman can provide and maintain its entry. 1a-work.de has beyond that a country wide sales network, in order to facilitate for craftsmen and architects handling the search portal.

Short profile iti media GmbH
iti media GmbH is operator of the search portal 1a-work.de. Based in May iti media at present the 16 coworkers in the Aalener center employ and develop 2006 its country wide sales network continuously. Managing director iti media of the GmbH is Wolfgang Dambacher. The 40jährige native Aalener can fall back as successful firm founders and - boss of a Unternehmes for the direct sale of tapes to experience of many years in the craftsman surrounding field.

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