3D-Simulation for sales promotion and marketing: 12. Honor

Planned offshore Patrol Vessels (openPR) - October 2006 in the context of the of this year photokina found 14 on 29 September. ITVA festival instead of, with which different winners for exemplary, audiovisual communication solutions were distinguished.

SchreiberFriends.com were distinguished also this year again with a Trophäe. With an economic and a presentation film of the ThyssenKrupp navy of system daughter of North Sea works. The special thereby: The entire film is equipped with the prämierten water simulation. Here one cannot differentiate no more between genuine water and the animated. Millions of Kleinstwellen move the ship and are reflected realistically in the sunlight again.

The film presents a planned and so far only OPV developed on the drawing board (offshore Patrol Vessels to the protection against Piraterie, average, transport etc.) with its advantages. Humans run around by means of Motion Capture - one transfers a complex procedure in that movements by genuine humans to 3D-Figuren - on the deck of the ship. A helicopter lands on the hangar, a small boat separates with a crane of the parent ship and the ship is loaded. In the end the sun goes down and shows impressively all three planned ships in full travel with romantic sunset. Impression purely!

Project manager that North Sea works in Emden, to the project: “This concerns a really very impressing and close-to-reality representation, which arrange a very good first impression for the customer over the future vehicle. By the representation of the different activities on a ship of this class it succeeded to represent the far task spectrum this ship type to writer & Friends. To the award of the price I congratulate quite cordially.”

This year by the way already the third price in consequence for the medium
producer SchreiberFriends.com.

Only in the spring the medium agency got further, an acknowledgment on the Degut German founders and entrepreneur days 2006, beside the founder of Sixt AG (autolender), long-separates (Duden) and. Promptly two months later the honor for the team with that followed 1. Place under 56 countries within the range character animation (as well as among them one understands the invention of a figure as for example Donald ducks the convincing and affectionate movements) and now, in September, the price for the navigation simulation.

Up-to-date SchreiberFriends.com have thus 12 acknowledgments. A full success for the enterprise in close proximity to Berlin that for over 10 years on the market it works actively and customers such as Bausch&Lomb, German Telekom, German of course AG, serves Donald Trump, ThyssenKrupp, SonyBMG and many further with ideas and conversions in the range of the digital media.

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14621 Schönwalde Glien
Press contact: Sven writer
Email: Schreiber@SchreiberFriends.com
Tel.: 03322 - 27 86 21
Mobil: 0179 - 878 9 210

Over SchreiberFriends.com:

Production of conceptions for all forms of digital media for sales promotion, product introduction, investor information etc. depending upon product and market requirement conversion to 3D-Animationsfilm (e.g. with missing or with difficulty accessible representations), 2D-Zeichentrickfilm, material film, Trickfilm, DVD, E-Learning/Web Based training, interactive media/presentations, mobile Solutions (mobile phone, PDA, UMTS), play consoles, TV-Spotproduktionen, and viral Movies u.v.m.

Schifffahrtsimulationen, architecture visualization, character animation, viral movies, Web Based Trainingslösungen, consultation Marketingstrategien digital media.

Large successes:
Donald Trump Towers, reconstructions “the Buddenbrooks”, German course AG, ThyssenKrupp, Web Based Trainingsanwendung for Bausch&Lomb in the section industry as well as in the Entertainmentbereich: The besoffene moose, marketing of the Weihnachtstassen/Meckertassen and further…

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