A dream from nut tree: The new Tragbolzentreppe of STREGER® massif wood stairs

The new Tragbolzentreppe from nut tree (openPR) - STREGER® - stages for the life! With this Slogan recruits STREGER® massif wood stairs for the high quality of his stair products. And that already since 1993. The steeped in tradition company from Saxonia-Anhalt let country widely so far approximately 6000 stair desires become true with their 200 assembly and service partners.

Immediately is the various assortment of STREGER® under www.streger.de around a model enriches: The Tragbolzentreppe from nut tree. „The durable dark wood is particularly high-quality “, says managing director Ingo Rudolph. „It is marvelously decorative and has in addition a very good firmness. Like that the stairs not only a eyecatcher are safe for the eye, but also in the daily use. “For security also it contributes that the stages in the wall are fastened. The impact sound reduction preserves additionally joints, knees and backs.

To the stairs the customer has a large selection of colored stage inserts from granite. „The bright ´Kashmir White forms, finds a beautiful contrast to the dark nut tree `“Rudolph. And at all interesting contrasts can be created - depending upon facility style, coloured organization of the living range and selection of posts and railings with the Tragbolzentreppe.

The Tragbolzentreppe from nut tree fits ideally tiles, parquet and laminate. Stone and marble soils lend it a warm contrast. And as with all models of
STREGER® the customer has massif wood stairs free choice with posts and railings. For the certain somewhat a large offer of individually made Geländerstäbe and special posts provides.


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email: info@streger.de
further information: www.streger.de

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The STREGER® massif wood stair head office is in the northern part of Saxonia-Anhalt (old Mark). STREGER® massif wood stairs exists could itself since 1993 and so far on the market of the offerers of wood stairs a firm place fight for. The large sales impacts, which were obtained by outstanding Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisund by the ambition of all coworkers of, confirm this. A constant increase in sales in the momentarily strained economic situation gives right to our concept. By our net at retailers and selling partners we can ensure country wide supply and assembly. Retailers, like e.g. Tischlereien, element assembly enterprises or carpentries, receive the wood stairs with us to particularly favorable conditions. By the application of modern CNC technology we obtain the high quality of our stairs, flexibility, as well as a outstanding price performance ratio for our customers. Experienced master craftsmen give the desired appearance to your stairs. Where the CNC technology pushes to the borders, being able relating to crafts is in demand. Thus everyone becomes STREGER® - stairs a Unikat. Our customers come from most diverse ranges, like private owners, building enterprises, builders, planners/architects, as well as numerous commercial retailers. The single family house is just as important to us, as the terraced house plant, the housing estate, the monument protection object or the mansion. We can fall back to experienced craftsmen, who are active in the care of monuments.

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