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As a first massif house farmer country widely IBG house has a variable family house in the program: That Country house Vario it gives in 36 remarks. Price starting from 103.900 euro (openPR) - IBG country house becomes „country house Vario “/country wide first ready for occupancy massif house in 36 different versions/variable family house adapts to individual needs

Büdelsdorf, in December 2006 - the country house of IBG house becomes now the flexible „country house Vario “: Owners can combine immediately different Drempelhöhen and roof pitches, without the statics of the building must be changed. Thus IBG house is country wide the first massif house farmer, who offers 36 different versions with only one type of house.

“Owners can cut „the country house Vario completely owing to the variously combinable Drempelhöhen and roof pitches to their needs. The smallest execution with 0.5 meters of Drempelhöhe and 42 degrees of roof pitch is particularly suitable for inhabitants, for who an attic is sufficient as classical reservoir. Large families however select the variant with two meters high Drempel and 48 degrees of inclination. In this execution „the country house Vario has “approximately 127 square meters floor space in ground floor and first stick. In addition further approximately 33 square meters of development surface come in the attic. All the same for which execution the owners decide, those rustikalen style elements remain received: Because only the extended projection of the saddle roof and the numerous visible rafter and purlin heads give the typically rural character to the single family house.

Owing to the flexible organization „the country house Vario can be adapted to “all regional building regulations and local development plans. A first impression over all 36 variants know itself interested under www.ibg-haus.de to provide.

Data concerning the floor space:
The gross surface now and then indicated makes the house on the paper unrealistically large: Walls, deviations from pulse flatness and Abseiten are included for example into the floor space. Another frequently used area specification is according to DIN the 277. It separates between main, secondary and traffic surfaces. Surfaces under 1.50 meters are separately specified, but are not taken off. Also with this computation form the floor space on the paper is larger than in the reality. Owners should always inquire therefore the size after floor space regulation (WoFlV). Here the not usable surfaces are computed and taken off from the DIN surface. The indicated square meter number corresponds then to the actually usable.

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IBG house is one of the prominent offerers of ready for occupancy massif houses in Germany. The enterprise with head office in Büdelsdorf/Schleswig-Holstein has numerous addresses and selling partners in the entire federal territory. IBG house responsible for planning and building draws annually of over 1.000 in and multi-family houses.

Further information under www.ibg-haus.de.

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