A revolutionary procedure for the roof reorganization and thermal insulation

Break after the successful roof reorganization with polyurethane foam (openPR) - roof reorganization and thermal insulation with revolutionary technology.

So far the reorganization of leaky flat roofs was very aufwändig and expensive with industrial buildings and private houses. To the sealing with bitumen an often necessary thermal insulation had to be made for the fulfilment of the EnEV still additionally. A revolutionary procedure for the roof reorganization with polyurethane foam promises here a substantial simplification with clearly reduced costs - and the thermal insulation gives it directly.

The polyurethane foam was already developed 1937 by Otto Bavarian and already is in many applications for decades in the employment. A roof sealed with polyurethane foam has many advantages: It is absolutely waterproof, diffusion and maintenance-free. By an additionally applied elastomer is the polyurethane foam besides absolutely UVsteadily; the oldest in this way reorganized roofs are already about 40 years old. There are no seams, which occurs leaky to become to be able like it with the reorganization with bitumen. Also the statics of the roof are not negatively affected, because the polyurethane foam weighs only three to five kilograms per square meter: A comparable gravel layer weighs twenty times so much. The company HPS, which specialized completely in the roof reorganization and thermal insulation with polyurethane foam, successfully reorganized already numerous flat roofs of industrial buildings, supermarkets, autohouses and office buildings. Jürgen Herbert of HPS of polymers of systems says: “Each roof and each situation are different. We discuss the necessary measures exactly with our customers and give on the roof reorganization a warranty of up to seven years, depending upon technical basic conditions. “The large advantages of this procedure saw to changes & modernizing “also the editors of the renowned construction journal „, which dedicated equal this method a special report. In current edition November/December 2006 one can make oneself on the basis the seven-lateral report on the basis from texts and many photos completely exactly one picture over the individual work procedures of the roof reorganization with polyurethane foam. “We are pleased that we got the opportunity under objective conditions the outstanding efficiency of this system to demonstrate to be able “so Jürgen Herbert. Can at the company HPS free of charge a current expenditure of the newspaper interested „changes & modernizing “with the report request.

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