Akotherm: strategic expansion into Turkey

From left to right: Mr. A. Semih Ipkin, general manager of AKOTHERM profile system of the companies Edoganlar and Mr. Cem Ozan Üsenmez. Right in the picture: Franc cutter, managing director Akotherm GmbH, Bendorf (openPR) - internationalized markets, global linkages, strategic alliances - the German metal construction industry not simply in such a way this passes. Also the system offerer Akotherm aligns itself increasingly internationally. Newest development: the production of the Turkish aluminum processing plant Erdoganlar as license partners for Akotherm Profiltechnik.

„The construction industry in Turkey boomt already for some years “, notices franc cutter, Akotherm managing director. „As we the contact after Istanbul to Erdoganlar got, were us very fast clear that we must engage ourselves in this strongly growing market. “
In the management of Erdoganlar one found a competent partner, to that was open for the common adjustment. Now one wants to realize camps, support and selling for Turkey and their neighboring states directly from Istanbul.

The Erdoganlar Alüminyum Sanayi of VE Ticaret A.S. is one of the important press works in Turkey. With far Verarbeitungskapazität annual over 14.000 tons the aluminum processing plant belongs to the industry to the successful ones in the European market. With the five production lines - aluminum press, Eloxal, powder coating, own tool construction and Anarbeitung - Erdoganlar offers ideal conditions for the production and Anarbeitung of the system profiles for the manufacturer.

„On the qualitative advantages of Akotherm as system partners also the customers in Turkey will not have to do without. We risk everything, our service and product philosophy over our selling and license partners also to widen distant customers to carry “, insure cutters.

In close coordination with the specialists of Erdoganlar profile systems were developed, which are co-ordinated with the special requirements of the respective national markets. Thus Akotherm Profilsysteme for windows, doors, fronts, pushing and lifting sliding elements are produced now also in Turkey. Erdoganlar takes over in addition also the selling and the customer service locally.

„Quality larva in Germany is straight in the construction industry still a Pound, with which abroad leaves itself to usury. Not least by our stricter building and heat regulations - the ecological editions - one sees the German manufacturers and producers on the European markets than much qualified partners “, underlines franc cutter finally the success of Akotherm Systemtechnologie also in other European states.

+++ Akotherm on the BUILDING 2007, of 15. - 20 January in Munich: C1, conditions 522 resounds

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At the location in Bendorf /Rhein develop and drive out the coworkers of the Akotherm GmbH high-quality aluminum profile systems for the ranges of application windows, doors, fronts and winter gardens as well as the appropriate accessories. Creativity in handling the material aluminum appears in the compatibility and constant advancement of the Akotherm system engineerings, and in the development of detailed solutions and many extras.

The products and expirations correspond to the newest DIN standards and European Union guidelines. The grant of extensive guaranteeings and our proven service concept round the quality of our products off. Akotherm partners profit from the high technical authority and the consulting know-how of the Akotherm GmbH.

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