Akotherm Fenstertechnik as NRWG certified

Examination of Akotherm window systems on permission as “natural working smoke and heat extracting equipments” with the office for material testing North-Rhine/Westphalia, branch office Erwitte. (openPR) - window systems from the house Akotherm fulfill the standards after the new guideline for „natural working smoke and heat extracting equipments “(NRWG). In the further one improvements EN detail were accomplished with the Akotherm Fenstertechnik.

Since first September 2006 the new NRWG guideline stepped into force.
“Natural working smoke and heat extracting equipments (NRWG) must correspond to the requirements of the DIN EN 12101 part of 2. Effected then via a CE-certifying and a CE-marking”, Akotherm application technology the new inspection requirements explains the examination and permission of the devices to us as this guideline.

Already in the apron of the guideline amending the Akotherm window systems were examined in accordance with the new requirements, so that these already briefly received their permission after the entry into force.
„Natural smoke outlet - smoke protection thus in the broadest sense - was always topic with Akotherm “, stretches franc cutter, managing director of the Akotherm GmbH, in this connection also the elbow to already since long time the always very in demand smoke protective door RK 600.

Further detail improvements with the Akotherm window systems make the simple training possible of punchable inlet transmissions. A special wing with photograph groove for KS-fittings, a round glass border and further improvements optimize the systems additionally. Also with the degree of the thermal insulation Akotherm window systems - depending upon regulation regulation - are variable. In principle however all window systems are prepared by Akotherm naturally already as standard equipment in the best way for the simple acquisition of the CE-marking.

If you learn the new, improved Fenstertechnik of Akotherm: on the BUILDING 2007 in Munich, in resounds to c1, conditions 522.

Akotherm in the Internet under www.akotherm.eu

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At the location in Bendorf and drive the coworkers of the Akotherm GmbH develop high-quality aluminum profile systems out for the ranges of application windows, doors, fronts and winter gardens as well as the appropriate accessories. Creativity in handling the material aluminum appears in the compatibility and constant advancement of the Akotherm system engineerings, and in the development of detailed solutions and many extras.

The products and expirations correspond to the newest DIN standards and European Union guidelines. The grant of extensive guaranteeings and also the proven service concept round the quality of the Akotherm products off. Akotherm partners profit from the high technical authority and the consulting know-how of the Akotherm GmbH.

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