Always a perfect appearance - timber floorings fit nearly all living styles

Thus fun makes for plays doubly: The floor from wood provides for a pleasant living atmosphere and is also still particularly strainable and long-lived thereby. (openPR) - the variety of the wood from our domestic forests makes it possible.

Bonn. Daily with feet stepped and often to injustice hardly considered, the floor mat coins/shapes the atmosphere and the character of an area crucially also. Color and structure are thereby just as of importance as the feeling with the Darübergehen: Skid-proof linings with a gentle appearance are particularly comfortable - like timber floorings. And who does not only run gladly barefoot or small children has, the pleasant warmth of the natural floor mat appreciates.

Timber floorings fit as hall soil or parquet in different Verlegearten nearly all living styles - from natural or rustikal up to elegantly and nobly. The versatility is supported by the variety of the domestic wood with their characteristic color nuances and structures: Brightly and friendly halls from maple, fir, spruce or Kiefer as well as ash and Birkenparkett work. Classical authors for timber floorings are beech and oak with their warm wood tones. For it decide in Germany sieve from ten consumers. The trend to dark woods follow nut tree, fumed oak and thermal wood so mentioned. A special temperature treatment wappnet certain needle and kinds of hardwood also against extreme load situations, approximately within the raving range of the Kids or in the Fitnesskeller with force area and Sauna.

Strain-able and wash and wear
Also when intensive use timber floorings are long-lived - full-laminar stuck together Parkettböden remain years beautiful up to 40. They are wash and wear and strainable. If a soil is strongly stressed, a hard wood should be preferred. The BRINELL hardness in such a way specified gives information over it, the wood was up to to which point loadings, for example by paragraphs of Stöckelschuhen. In children's rooms or corridors have themselves oak (degree of hardness 3.8), beech (4,0) or maple (3,6) works satisfactorily. Even these hard wood giving way when committing something. That preserves the joints and provides for a pleasant going feeling. The natural wood surface is skid-proof and - during appropriate surface treatment - insensitive opposite water. To the care brooms, vacuum cleaners or wiping with an easily damp cloth are usually sufficient. Therefore timber floorings for Allergiker create a all-towards-poor surrounding field: House dust mites do not find a habitat on the nature material - nature-left surfaces work even antibacterially - and dust can be removed fast and thoroughly.

Well combines: Hardwood and under-floor heating
Beside natural floor mats from wood also under-floor heatings lie in the trend - for many an ideal combination. So that the warmth from the heated screed can be delivered well into the area, the parquet over an under-floor heating from hardwood should procure and not be to thick. Ideal is for example oak, since it distributes the warmth well and at changing temperatures only slightly works. Thus floors become from domestic wood all modern housing demands fairly.

Wood there is further information around the topic approximately in the Internet under www.infoholz.de. Numerous brochures over the various application type of wood are under www.natuerlichholz.infoholz.de within Germany for free order as well as to the Download at the disposal, among other things the info. booklets „interiors plan “, „to hardwood experience “and „living styles discover “.

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