Authority obligates - 18 new coworkers receive introduction training with Schweitzer chemistry

In small groups specialized knowledge is arranged for the new coworkers. (openPR) - free mountain at the Neckar. The out and further training of the own coworkers is a substantial factor for the success of an enterprise. In the training center in the firm center Schweitzer chemistry GmbH accomplishes therefore regularly extensive training courses for all coworkers. Thus the company guarantees an intensive preparation particularly with new coworkers on its future area of application. To an intensive training phase they keep an one-week basis seminar with various topics additional „approximately around the water “. Apart from pure specialized topics here also the team formation and the switching of the Unternehmenskultur plays an important role. At the end of November to 2006 again 18 new coworkers in all divisions were intensively trained. In addition, coworkers, who are already longer in the enterprise, receive training courses in regular intervals. Thus e.g. constantly up-to-date knowledge over technology, chemistry, environmental protection, laws and standards as well as the different safety regulations are obtained effectively in small groups.

In Einzelcoachings the coworkers receive an intensive company with their daily work, in order to remove and further develop their existing potentials in the best possible way. Schweitzer chemistry understands its training concept as a substantial component of their quality management, because authority obligates day after day.

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Schweitzer chemistry GmbH a recent, innovative and extraordinarily successful, medium-size, German enterprise. 2001 based, have it already scarcely 85 coworkers with an annual turnover of approx. 11 million euro. Apart from the development of chemical and technical products for the water treatment and - dressing belongs the technical consultation and project engineering of customized solutions to the core authority. Is by research and development in the company-owned laboratory and active co-operation with many professional associations the company always a step ahead. Schweitzer chemistry works already for over 3.000 customers at home and abroad with rising tendency.

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