BACOU revised its shoe offer and starts the line TRIAXE®

(openPR) - BACOU - a mark of the Bacou Dalloz group - and divides it revises its lines into six ranges: Triaxe, BacRun, Beal, Nit Lite, Temptation and Gamme Blanche. This new organization facilitates it for the user to select the suitable shoe for its completely special operational area. At the same time the enterprise presents its new, equipped with many innovations, line Triaxe.

Luebeck, December 2006 - in less than three years it created BACOU to perfect and arrange its offer still clearer. Before it however lay 28 years development, in which the enterprise constantly improved its products regarding stretcher comfort, Design and ruggedness.

The six new lines are presented in the new catalog for Sicherheitsschuhe, which is available starting from December for selling partners.

To this cause BACOU presents also its new model row of the top class Triaxe. It offers the perfect combination of elegant Design, comfort, newest technologies and security to the user. The result is a shoe, which is co-ordinated compromiseless with the needs that carrier/inside and which unites all-newest results from ergonomics and material research in itself.

The Triaxe concept came out from a study, which examined the unreeling behavior in all courses of motion of the foot. Three key criteria stepped into the foreground, those to the fatigue, the loss of the equilibrium and a number of other dangerous situations to prevent can:

1. Impact absorption
Protects from impacts and vibrations with the first contact with the soil and avoids thereby micro traumata and injuries of the Achilles' tendon.

2. Stability
Leads and steers the foot in the appearance phase, in order to avoid inadvertent turns, by which muscle injuries could develop.

3. Flexibility
Good unreeling of the foot guarantees and facilitates thereby pushes off.

Triaxe of shoes contain all innovations and patented innovations from the Bacou total production:

• Spacium or Freelium protective caps: designed, developed and manufactured in the Bacou works are nonmagnetic and ultralight. They protect the toes against squeezings, impacts and work thermally isolating.

• FLEXIUM consists new textile fibers of a Gewirke. The result is one
metal-free, highly flexible, antistatic and depress-safe intermediate sole, which facilitates an unreeling of the foot. Besides it offers a higher security than shoes with a conventional steel intermediate sole, since it takes the complete sole off up to the outside edge.

• Total surface inserting sole: It is ergonomically preformed, antistatic and so treated that it protects against the Vermehrung of bacteria. The result is a increased stretcher comfort and a contribution to the foot hygiene.

Triaxe gives it in four collections: Evolution, outdoor, Urban, sport.

George Otten
Product Specialist Footwear cent ral Europe
Hermann phloem STR. 50
D-47551 Bedburg striking
Telephone: 0049-2821-7159970
Mobil: 0049-174-3214211
mail: gotten@bacou-dalloz.com


BACOU, a mark of the Bacou Dalloz group, is in Europe one of the prominent manufacturers in the area of the Sicherheitsschuhe. Bacou of shoes are many more than pure Sicherheitsschuhe. Bacou succeeded to convert it each mark successfully and ahead-suspecting new trends and needs carrier/inside into extremely progressive Sicherheitsschuhe. Of the two-layered PU sole before thirty years up to the complex metal-free toe protective caps and metal-free highly flexible depress-safe intermediate soles. Aesthetic, Design up-to-date without compromises with comfort and security. This feat succeeded to Bacou with its Sicherheitsschuhen and thereby fully the need situation of modern humans on the job at the same time seized.

Sicherheitsschuhe of Bacou follow internationalen* the standards and in ISO 9001 certified works are manufactured.
* EN ISO 20344, EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346, EN ISO 20347, EN 345-2

Bacou Dalloz

Bacou Dalloz is the enterprise for development, production and selling of personal protection equipment for optimal security on the job, leading world-wide. In addition particularly count: Helmet (eye and Gesichtsschutz, respiratory protection and protection of the ears) as well as safety clothes for the whole body (clothes, gloves, footwear and equipment to the safety against falling).

The Bacou Dalloz group is present and busily on all continents over 6000 coworkers. The order is clear: „Full employment for maximum security and optimum comfort for humans on the job. “A world-wide network of selling partners brings Bacou Dalloz of products, consultation and service close to the customers from the ranges industry, telecommunications, medicine, energy, public services, construction and construction industries such as national defense. Bacou Dalloz is listed on „the Prime Minister Marché “stock exchange euroNEXT at that in Paris as part of the SBF 120 index.

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