Bad times for burglars: On-line councellor to the break-down protection

Bad times for burglars: Modern safety standards at garage gates deter long fingers. (openPR) - under the Internet address safe Garagentor.de find valuable references to Garagenbesitzer, how they can protect themselves more effectively against break-downs.

According to police investigations fail more than one third of all break-down attempts, because entrances and windows of houses or dwellings are secured and the burglar after approximately five minutes aufgibt*. A weak point forms however the garage. Danger threatens to arrive with outdated and unsecured gates - here burglars can penetrate fast, unnoticed motor vehicles, bicycles and in the garage stored articles steal - or even over a connecting door unobserved in the house inside.

A garage gate which security characteristics should have, so that break-down attempts are successfully repelled, is to be experienced now under www.sicheres-Garagentor.de. In addition belong for example with manually operated gates a automatically engaging Schnäpperscheibe and with strength-operated gates an automatic gate bolting device in the drive rail. With hearing man - one of the prominent manufacturers of elements in Europe - this gate bolting device functions mechanically, thus also with power failure. Thus one knows for example in the vacation period calms down the drive off to switch and the gate is nevertheless locked.

Beside Tipps for break-down security it can be downloaded on the Internet side in addition check lists with which Gara-genbesitzer can determine whether their gate corresponds to the current safety standards in punkto operation. Who would like to have its gate examined not personally, but from a specialist, can a gate professional from the region for the free safety check request. With this safety check above all parents go from small children safe.

* (source: www.einbruchschutz.polizei-beratung.de)

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The group of hearing men is an expanding enterprise of the building supporting industry with international adjustment. In 14 high-specialized works gates, doors, trims and drives for Europe, North America and Asia are manufactured. The hundred percent exempt private company reached a conversion of over a billion euro with its 5,500 coworkers in 2006.

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