Based document Mangement reduces know-how theft by Internet

Internet supported document management (openPR) - the problem: In a globalisierten working sphere it is for internationally active to minieren medium-size enterprises within the capital goods range increasingly more importantly the loss from know-how to. A key role comes to the uncontrolled passing on of technical documentations. If complete documentations in printed form or on data media at customers are continued to give, then the know-how loss is practically inevitable.

The solution: kultpark media an Internet editorship system (so-called CMS) with a document management software combines. „By it we reach a controlling of the rights of access up to the level of the documents. “So Dirk new farmer, founder and owner of kultpark media. „A further positive aspect of our solution lies in your very good operability for the coworkers. Beyond that an extensive knowledge data base for the enterprise results from the employment of such a system in the course of the time. “


kultpark media
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Over us:

The Internet Dienstleister kultpark media offers its customers structure, enterprise and maintenance of complete Internet editorship systems and Onlineshops. Consultation with the selection of the systems as well as their conversion up to training of the coworkers round the achievement profile off.

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