Bio passport system - finger print admission control

(openPR) - (Vienna, September 2006) Biometrix Int. (www.biometrix.at) system offers a really everyday life-suited admission control for private, commercial and industrielle applications with the bio passport. Bio passport the system is the most comfortable and safest alternative to keys, maps, access code and passwords.

The exzellente recognition algorithm and the durable finger print sensor result in together a professional, safe and admission system on highest level, which can be served simply. Beyond that it is a economical alternative to other finger print systems. Bio passport the system offers usual and powerful function range despite its small dimensions an except. It has a storage capacity of several thousand users, memory for event minutes and makes possible now also the definition of time belts as well as the control of two under schiedlichen relay exits over finger prints.

Bio passport the system consists of bio passport sensor unit and bio passport CONTROLLER. The bio passport sensor unit is suitable for the assembly in the protected external area. The bio passport CONTROLLER had an LCD, a key field and permits the comfortable administration of up to 2 bio passport sensor units, registering and selective deletion of finger prints, had four relay exits and a RS-485 interface for the enterprise of several sensor units into to network and a Ethernet a haven for TCP/IP.

Bio passport the system is immediately operational after the assembly and wiring. Bio passport the system can be operated both completely autonomously, and occasionally or durably at a PC with several sensor units. In order to use all functions bio passport of the system also autonomously, is necessary a unique connection to a PC or a laptop and the provided BioAdmin software with start-up.

The BioAdmin software permits the comfortable administration of to one or more sensor units, comes with a user one meadow for the collection of finger prints and the relay allocation and makes the selective deletion possible or occasionally deactivates from users, the UP and Download of the seized user data and the expenditure of the log data with date, time and user id. and system messages than report file with a simple work time evaluation. Further the definition of possible up to four time windows and time belts is, in which at certain weekdays/holidays and to a certain time the admission is granted or rejected either.

Bio passport the system comes with detailed assembly, installation and manual. The configuration and the enterprise bio passport of the system can take place via the user.

Contact: Harald Griesser
Company: Biometrix Int., Kobelgasse 7, A-1110 Vienna/Austria
Tel/fax: +43 1 748 17 56
Email: info@biometrix.at
URL: www.biometrix.at

Biometrix Int. in the year 1979 a created enterprise is and has its company headquarters in Vienna. Originally coming from the medicine engineering, Biometrix Int is concerned. for more than seven years with the development of efficient finger print software. The activity of the enterprise covers the development of software products with finger printer identification, finger print software development Tools (SDK´s) as well as the selling of the pertinent hardware, of finger print of time and access control systems and finger print terminals.

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