Blackberry new type character for the real estate industry

Logo of the English-language magazine PROPERTY MAGAZINES INTERNATIONAL (openPR) - the Property magazines publishing house starts with several highlights in the new year. For the two e-magazines „PROPERTY MAGAZINES “and „PROPERTY MAGAZINES INTERNATIONAL “the real estate portal ImmoWelt AG in Nuremberg could be won as co-operation partners. Beyond that immediately daily three are sent away differently new type character at subscribers. Thus can itself interested personalisiert about the industry to inform.
Is special the new type character absolutely again and singularly for the Blackberry or for Smartphones. All news service achievements of the Property of magazines of publishing house are free and noncommittal.

„PROPERTY MAGAZINES “and English-language „PROPERTY MAGAZINES the INTERNATIONAL “are pdf magazines with the emphasis of the trade real estates and already after only one year outstanding in the market and with the prominent indicator customers of the industry positioned themselves. The stately number of subscribers (over 6.300) the Downloadquote of the magazines as well as the daily number of visitors info. portal this.

„PROPERTY MAGAZINES ““as first edition in September 2006 and focuses the markets of Europe, above all however the CEE of countries appeared to INTERNATIONAL. The magazine dedicates itself to all prospective customers in Europe and in English language is published.

Both pdf magazines understand themselves as B2B-Medien with the target groups „trade real estate industry “and „real estate-marked out in the area D, A, CH SEEund CEE.

Prospective customers can subscribe the daily new type character and the magazines on the portal sides

Property of magazines publishing house
Breil & Schroer GbR
Upper the Kluse 17
59519 Möhnesse
AP: Gerd Breil
+49 (0) 2924 879,988

Property of magazines publishing house publishes the pdf magazines PROPERTY MAGAZINES (German) and the PROPERTY of MAGAZINES INTERNATIONAL (English). The publishing house understands itself as daily info. brokers approximately around the trade real estate industry. With numerous national and international fair co-operation as with co-operation with prominent “Highpotentials” of the industry the magazines could successfully be positioned in the industry.

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