Building 2007: Premiere for system offerer Akotherm

Editor Thomas Mueller (left) in the discussion with Akotherm managing director franc cutter (right in the picture) to the objectives of the Akotherm GmbH for the future. (openPR) - every two years takes place the guidance fair of the European building industry: the BUILDING in Munich. On the coming BUILDING, of 15. until 20 January 2007, will for the first time be represented also Akotherm with a presentation. We spoke in the apron with Akotherm managing director franc cutter about lining up innovations, further plans and future objectives.

: Mr. Schneider, with who concrete objective you connect your fair appearance on the BUILDING

Cutter: We see those to BUILDING as platform for our further projects. Like that the objective for us is clear: Akotherm will present itself as efficient partners and manufacturers of aluminum systems for windows, doors, fronts and winter gardens. Over the BUILDING we want to address further interested parties from the German-speaking countries and to gain so new partners from the system processing. We see the exhibition booth place Munich thereby as central point for the German-language region in the south, likewise our customer in Austria, who reaches Switzerland and in South Tyrol.

: Why does Akotherm start its fair activities straight at the current time

Cutter: That has different reasons. On the one hand are we for a long time thereupon addressed - apparent one missed here us proper (schmunzelt). We want to keep however our European adjustment over license partners further in the eye. The BUILDING, as international fair, could supply also here further beginnings to us with.
We have at the beginning of an international cooperation in this year already with the new production of a license partner in Turkey made…

: Thus with it also at the same time the foot into the door to Asia set

Cutter: Naja, if you want to see in such a way. But it is correct, with our Turkish partner, which is by the way with far Verarbeitungskapazität annual over 14.000 tons also one of the successful aluminum processing plants in Europe, would be actually possible this further step. It would be thus obvious…

: Akotherm has in the industry the image of the innovative system supplier, who is endeavored around real partnership. Will you continue to maintain this image also with the expansion thought

Cutter: If you say it and one after-says today in the industry such an image to us, we made so far a good work. We will not naturally also change that. We risk everything to maintain and pass over our selling partners the high requirement for service on. That is the substantial part of what constitutes the self understanding of Akotherm. Because always already we have also our product improvements from the dialogue with the partners developed… To the fact one sees that we always move exchange with the system partners in. No, which we do not become under any circumstances to change, rather still strengthen.

: Keyword product improvement. On which new conceptions may the visitors the BUILDING on the exhibition booth of Akotherm count

Cutter: In preparation for the BUILDING we have 2007 at further detail improvements and system expansions, - additions, problem solutions - as always you want to call that - worked. I find the solution for our winter garden roof system RK 430 particularly worth mentioning: a static undervoltage, which makes now roof discharges possible beyond the five-meter border. Thus also the execution of larger objects becomes possible for our system partners. We paid attention filigrane with the development to an execution, in order to supply also an architecturally responding solution here. Beyond that we will show further new developments with window, door and front technology.

: Since first September 2006 the new NRWG guideline stepped into force. Can Akotherm also put in a word here

Cutter: Yes, naturally! And how. We have the systems and products concerned already thereupon examine to let - with outstanding results, as I would like to mark. Natural smoke outlet - smoke protection - was always a topic with Akotherm. I want to mention our smoke protective door RK 600 in this connection only once, which is an already for a long time very successful component of our system program.

: It will give ClimaDesign on the BUILDING 2007 also a trade conference - a forum - with the topic „meets vision OF Glass “. There it concerns then among other things the transparent building cover and the use of glass at the building. Actually for an aluminum system manufacturer a classical topic - the Alumiunium glass front. Do you offer to innovations also here

Cutter: Naja, it goes with the conference „to ClimaDesign “not really and exclusive around aluminum front techniques. This forum, which by the way from the chair for Bauklimatik and building services DO to Munich one accomplishes, is aligned there already more global and refers all possible materials also. But since you address the connection of aluminum and glass -, also here there are innovations. With our window systems we introduced further substantial extensions in application technology. In addition we made the thermal separation possible with our door systems by a sliding isolating bar. The patented sliding isolating bar prevents the bimetal effect with aluminum systems. That means, with strong heat, on which we must count meanwhile in Germany and only quite in south Europe, there are no more thermal material shifts, which can impair the function mode of doors.

: In addition, they spoke a new conception on with facade systems…

Cutter: Oh, our steel optics front. Know, here actually concern it an architectural plaything, which is used in particular with the restoration of old industrial buildings. Also this was a requirement of our system partners, which we fulfilled gladly. Up-to-date we present the optics of a classical T-beam front, based on our latch plate latch plate system RK 500 F. Depending upon requirement further remarks for us are conceivable.

: That means thus each quantity of innovations for the Akotherm partners.
They are on the BUILDING in resound to c1 to find conditions 522 correctly

Cutter: Yes, which is correct. In particular I invite prospective customers from the system processing completely cordially to visit us on the fair and to make themselves a picture of Akotherm as efficient partner and system supplier.

: Mr. Schneider, I thanks for the discussion.

The interview led Thomas's Mueller.

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