CAN stick simplifies communication in the CAN bus

The CAN stick is a self-sufficient CAN communications equipment for vehicle electronics, which is attached to the OBD-2-Schnittstelle. Photo: their GmB (openPR) - handy self-sufficient diagnose unit

February 2007. CAN stick is called a self-sufficient CAN communications equipment for vehicle electronics, which developed those their GmbH in Bühl (Baden-Wuerttemberg). The handy and durable equipment is used in the Kfz quantity production, in the development or with the error tracing. The CAN stick is attached to the OBD-2-Schnittstelle, so that it can send and receive CAN sequences.
Typical application type of the CAN stick are the Aufspielen of firmware, calibrations, fault-tracings and the selection of memory. A broad application field are function tests of electronic components, which are steered via the CAN bus, for example window lifter, curve light, wiping water nozzles, mirror heating uvm.

Durable execution for all climate zones
The gilded contacts of the OBD-2-Steckers have one life span of at least 2 million Steckzyklen. The temperature range from -20 to + 70°C ensures the mobile employment in adverse climate zones, for example with vehicle testings.
The CAN stick consists of a micro controller with own operating system and 64KB-Flashspeicher. He is programmed by means of RS232-Verbindung from a PC freely and works then selfly-sufficient. In the scope of supply Programmiertools and pre-defined example projects are contained.

The CAN stick has four freely definable keys, with which CAN sequences can be given be sent and received and/or control instructions. Six freely definable LEDs inform about the current functions. Three remarks are available:
• CAN stick basic with OBD-2-Stecker
• CAN stick pro with OBD-2-Stecker and OBD-2-Buchse
• CAN stick Light without OBD-2-Stecker.

Technical data
• 4 freely definable keys
• 6 freely definable LED´s
• RS232 - Connection to the host PC (9-polig)
• MOLEX OBD plug/socket (14-polig)
• OBD plug execution gilds (at least 2 million Steckzyklen) or OBD plug
execution with changeable spring loaded contact pins (min 200,000 Steckzyklen)
• Power input: typically 50 mA
• Rated voltage: typically 13.5 V (9… 16 V)
• Short-circuit: Diode
• Verpolungsschutz: Diode
• Temperature range: -20°C to 70°C
• Mass: approx. 100 x 48 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 200 g
• Price zzgl. VAT.: starting from 550,00 euro

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