Calibration service Klasmeier in new areas with extended offer

New business building (openPR) - around the risen requirements in the calibration service to become fair, the calibration service Klasmeier referred new areas. In air-conditioned laboratory areas an extended offer at calibration services can be furnished now.

The part of the laboratory accredited by the German calibration service (DKD) offers the calibration of resistance thermometers in fixed points to the international thermometric scale of 1990, fixed point cells themselves and Blockkalibratoren with accuracies of up to 1,5mK. The further part, the ISO - calibration laboratory, calibrates all usual temperature sensors in the temperature range from -80°C to 1300°C, in addition, pyrometer, surface thermometer and all electrical Kalibratoren such as simulators and measuring instruments. The calibration duration amounts to usually less than 5 working days. As the further service the calibration service offers Klasmeier training courses than practical calibration exercise with development of the measuring uncertainty budget directly in the laboratory. The participant can solve then its calibration task under guidance of an experienced measuring engineer. Also training courses of larger groups are offered in the company-owned class rooms.

Klasmeier calibrating and measuring technique GmbH
Flemingstr. 12-14
36041 Fulda
Tel.: 0661 380 940-0
Fax: 0661 380 940-10
Email: info@klasmeier.com

Their partner: Mr. Klasmeier

The Klasmeier GmbH offers complete temperature calibration mechanisms, Temperaturkalibratoren and calibration services. To the content customers belong the primary laboratory of the PTB, many DKD laboratories and industrielle laboratories of research institutes, development centers and quality assurance laboratories and the measuring and automatic control.

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