Carrymate glass and disk carrier

Application example glass plate transport (openPR) - the transport of glass and disk commodity, like gypsum cardboard, sheet metals, partitions, elements etc. when unloading, shifting or on the way to the place of work is strength and time-consuming. The surfaces of the plates are smooth and stairways and corridors make more difficult ranking. Carrymate® disk carriers are used in pairs, have a load of 100kg per grasp and are suitable contrary to pipettes for a multiplicity of materials. The patented clamping jaw system adapts to the plate thickness steplessly and keeps the stretcher property absolutely skid-proof, without damaging it. The advantages for the user are indeterminable. The starting point for the Carrymate is freely selectable on the disk commodity, both feeders goes with stretched arm in direction of travel (no more Rückwärtslaufen!). The ergonomic carrying handle ensures also with trick or lagging safe stop. Information about the product: www.dr-gold.de/pdf/carrymate.pdf

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The Dr. gold & Co.KG 1969 were created as manufacture and commercial firm. For more than 30 years the exempt private company offers working helps and products to its specialized trade partners and their customers for the attachment technology. The central storage depot with own customer service is in Nuremberg, the selling effected via the Düsseldorfer sales office.

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