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imvisio GmbH,… the future in the view. (openPR) - garbage management with cost allocation after causer pays principle

Consistent garbage separation and economical handling resources are recompenced at present rarely. In larger housing estates with a multiplicity of collecting containers there is besides frequently the problem of overcrowded containers. Inhabitants, that are “economical”, do not have any advantages. After an inquiry of the German renters association approx. 68% of the asked tenants wish themselves a fair operating cost account:

Fair operating cost account - square meters or number of persons Cost allocation, if possible, always after consumption, for example also with water and garbage 67,65%; Cost allocation after number of persons in the dwellings 17,81%; Cost allocation after dwelling size, after square meters of 14,54%


Imvisio can meet these desires with its system „of the causer-fair garbage cost allocation “!

How do the garbage counters function
Garbage counters (or accurately garbage cost distributors) serve the causer-fair reallocation of the garbage fees. These measuring instruments seize the thrown in garbage quantities and assign these to the tenant. From these data a garbage additional expenses account is provided.

The garbage containers are umhaust „“. The tenant identifies itself by means of a chip. One into the Umhausung integrated balance determined after the Einwurf the garbage quantity and assigns the weight to the user.

- For the landlord a competition advantage arises as a result of lowering of renting additional expenses.
- The costs of the counters are reallocationable after the operating cost regulation of 01.01.2004.
- By the counters you save the costs of a conventional garbage place A LIVINg, which you would have to finance by the cold rent incomes.
- You prevent garbage tourism
- Garbage additional expenses of emptying and dwellings (with m ² reallocation) do not go any longer to your loads.
- By the decrease of the remainder garbage quantities statute-conformal remainder garbage containers can be logged out, so that a saving for the tenants results. It is quite possible that the height of saving exceeds the height of the initial cost. Thus the plant would finance itself.

Gladly informing like it comprehensively about the conversion to this future-safe system.

Rita Slekyte (business guide)
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Over imvisio the GmbH shortly:

After imvisio the GmbH was extracted from the firm group of the MESA GmbH, it is resumed today as exempt private company. The team imvisio increased firmly meanwhile to over 25 employees coworkers and further free coworkers, who concentrate to a large extent on the locations Chemnitz and Didderse.

Core business imvisio is is the development and the sales of the technical products and services for the residential environment. The task range of the enterprise covered from the outset the production of the garbage cost account as well as the development and the sales of the instrument technique and further control electronics necessary for it. Imvisio the concept always exists thereby in the concentration on technically high-quality and solutions which can be handled simply for the customer, in order to offer to it as high an increase in value as possible with little administration expense. Thereby a high measure of automatic processes and the possibility are fundamental of eliminating errors by main line train reef.
Also in the future our product range is constantly extended according to the needs and desires of the housing industry.

Employment offered imvisio:
Over too country widely to expand we search now: Free commercial agents/representatives/regional sales directors

For questions first gladly Mr. Jörg E is to you. Jonas Kops under 02262 - 999,695 or also by E-Mail under jonaskops@imvisio.de at the personal disposal.
We look forward to you!

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