Individually and high-quality - the comeback of the timber ceiling

Timber ceilings are conversion artists and adapt to each facility style. Completely in white the panel cover underlines the puristisch modern Ambiente here and contributes to the harmonious general impression. Photo: WOOD PARAGRAPH FUND (openPR) - different woods provide for optical harmony. At the same time the natural material convinces by positive auxiliary effects

Bonn, 12 January 2007. Bizarre wallpaper pattern, free oscillator and holzvertäfelte ceilings - extremes of the living taste and of the early 80's 70's, which came finally long time into oblivion. In the modern dwelling organization individual elements of this style are increasingly rediscovered. So also the timber ceiling. With their comeback however variety and ease are the center of attention: Their different organization possibilities underline the individual character of the individual areas.

Each wood is unmistakable, a Unikat just like everything that is made of it. Thereby no borders are set to the formative possibilities. With timber ceilings completely as desired personal accents can be set. Different wood, structures, Design surfaces, shifting forms, formats and colors result in large variety for the cover organization. From white fir over beech to furnierter cherry there is the suitable solution for each style and taste.

Who uses the possibilities of the cover organization skillfully, recompenced by a harmonious, high-quality space impression, with which everything fits together. With the cover the optical effect of the space proportions can be affected purposefully. Depending upon shifting direction, formats and color directions are stressed or important ranges and zones are emphasized. Let light covers the area more highly work, darker tones cause the opposite and produce a tendencyful atmosphere. Besides the organization of a timber ceiling can be co-ordinated exactly with the furnishing and the desired optics.

Beyond the formative effects timber ceilings convince also by their live-hygenic characteristics. Wood provides for a pleasant and health-promoting climate, because it adjusts the humidity: If air is too damp, it takes up the surplus humidity and delivers it again, if air is to drying. A timber ceiling can improve even schleche room acoustics, because it reduces disturbing sound reflections. This particularly applies to modern areas with large glass areas, tile or stone floors, which sound often very hallig.

For the lighting timber ceilings offer attractive solutions. Integrated lights provide for brightness, where them are needed desired and, or set effective light accents. Electrical lines and lighting installations are hidden thereby skillfully behind the ceiling covering. A timber ceiling needs no surface protection and remains many years beautifully. Owing to the easy processing timber ceilings can be installed by the specialist within a short time. For passionierte and experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts also appropriate systems with integrated sub-construction and suitable means of mounting for the assembly are available in own contribution in the specialized trade.

There is more information for spatial arrangement with timber ceilings by telephone with the info. LINE of the wood paragraph fund under 01802/465900
(0.06 €/Anruf) or in the Internet under www.infoholz.de. Numerous brochures over the various application type of wood are available under www.natuerlichholz.infoholz.de within Germany for free order and to the Download.

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