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Ambiente and cosiness in one live winter garden (openPR) - in such a way you create a healthy indoor climate in your winter garden

The control and controlling of the room climate belonged to the technical hearts one live - winter garden. Who rose only once into a car parked in the stout sun, can introduce itself easily, which temperatures in sunshine fast in a winter garden to develop to be able. More still: A winter garden belongs because of the intended transparency of its enclosure and the small heat storage of its construction units to the areas, which are most strongly exposed to the temperature and climatic fluctuations of nature. The heat of the summer and the cold weather of the winter become here most directly apparent and affect the room climate. So that this room climate is also always a well-being feeling climate for humans and plant, come to the points and exhaust as well as heating and Beschattung as central ranges of the climatic price increase of the winter garden an enormous meaning.

What is the correct well-being feeling climate in the winter garden

Central one physical measured variables for the climate in a winter garden are air humidity, interior and outside temperature as well as temperature distribution. These factors must be seen always together, because the relative air humidity changes automatically with a change of the temperature: The colder air is, the less humidity can it “away-put”, the rather feels one it in the area than too „damp “. Humidity forms in the cooler places as if the heating elements are arranged not in the coldest places, do not develop not the correct Luftzirkulation and it develop strong differences in the surface temperatures of the construction units with appropriate condensing of the air humidity, even if the air humidity in the break area corresponds for normal dwellings. (www.stern-wintergarten.de/lueftung.php)

As rule for an optimal room climate it was in-patriated to accept a temperature of 20°C in connection with a relative air humidity within the ranges from 30 to 65 per cent. (Over it there is even an industrial standard - DIN 1946!). In the summer the goal of the climatic price increase exists in the prevention of the overheating, which results from the so-called „greenhouse effect “. To the south more aligned without Beschattung and ventilation fast into temperature regions of up to 70°C come! In the winter it goes among other things around the prevention from condensation, which results from the reaching of the so-called „dew point “, if a high air humidity arises in connection with low temperatures (S. in addition also the contribution over condensation). Sufficient ventilation is compellingly necessary. Apart from an effective Beschattung and the use of functional glasses above all and the exhaust possibly provide for a pleasant room climate. Ventilation and Beschattung complement each other, it can however not replace itself. That can be shown by the following example: If a winter garden is provided with an efficient Aussenbeschattung, air in the winter garden must nevertheless be changed still additionally for ten times per hour, in order to avoid unpleasant ram air. With a Innenbeschattung from a twentyfold change of air one proceeds. (www.stern-wintergarten.de/natuerliche_lueftung.php)

If the glasshouse would be complete without Beschattungsvorrichtungen, air even 50 times per hour would have to be changed. That is however rather a theoretical figure, which is in practice hardly to be managed. Thus it can be held that for a pleasant room climate Beschattungs and Lüftungsvorrichtungen must be present always! In principle one can differentiate between two possibilities of the ventilation: the thermal and the motor ventilation.

The thermal or natural ventilation is a simple solution, which uses the physical law that warmed up air rises upward and that between the external walls of buildings air pressure differences adjust themselves, which make a transverse ventilation possible by opening the side windows. Roof or side windows within the upper range leads this air outward, while within the lower range openings transport fresh supply air into the area. Beside special ventilation flaps both air supply and exhaust air can be made by the existing windows, doors or rooflight. On the market ventilation systems are offered, which react with simple means to a heating in the interior. For computation the following rule applies for the surface, which is to have to be opened for a thermal ventilation: 10 per cent of the entire vitreous surface is to have to be opened. Of it 2/3 in the upper range for the exhaust air and 1/3 are to be in the lower, senkrechten range for the supply air. How the air flow in the winter garden can be organized is further down represented. Against the thermal ventilation it is stated that she increases the break-down danger, because opened wings are necessary, and that them are not adjustable with absence of the inhabitants and plants perhaps from to large heat to thus suffer have. Proponents of a thermal ventilation stress against the fact that its large plus lies in a perfectly noiseless function and a simple handling. In consideration of these aspects also combinations of natural and motor ventilation can be meaningful. (www.stern-wintergarten.de/motorische_lueftung.php)

On the market numerous ventilation systems are offered, which regulate and the exhaust motor. These ventilation are products, which fulfill also the requirements at thermal insulation, developed usually technically, Wasserdichtigkeit etc. of a winter garden. For the supply air range folding exhausts are mostly offered, which are inserted like horizontal borders into the elements. The assembly is made depending upon model directly under or by the windowpane, or the unit is integrated in the window frames. Also a senkrechte assembly is possible with some models. Supply air devices can be operated partially also alternatively manually or motor. Manual systems function then according to the wake principle, i.e. that by sucking used up air off within the upper range by the change of the air pressure fresh air is led automatically into the winter garden, without a motor support is necessary. In this case one speaks exhaust air-oriented Lüftungssystem.Die of devices within the exhaust air range of is usually roller exhaust, which used warm and damp interior air outward leads. The housings consist either of plastic or of aluminum. Since they are propelled with river, is the impermeability to driving rain of the devices of special importance. Usually the number of revolutions of the roller exhausts is adjustable. The maximum number of revolutions ensures maximum ventilation, caused in addition, the largest operatingnoise finally is still pointed out that the manufacturers offer a multiplicity of accessories, which increase the housing comfort in the winter garden. This concerns for example special polling filters for the supply air devices or also insect lattice etc. In the winter garden one essentially speaks of three different ventilation strategies: the transverse ventilation, which diagonal ventilation is led and during the supply air as during the diagonal ventilation by the front by means of windows, doors or sliding exhausts into the winter garden. A reason for the popularity of the roof ventilation lies in the fact that the occurrence of course features is probable here to few. (www.stern-wintergarten.de/klima.php)

The ideal case of a winter garden ventilation consists reliably of a combination of manual and electrically operated systems, so that the user can determine, how is to be aired out in a certain moment. One must be however clear: The electrical and exhaust are not to be understood by any means only as „luxury “, but belonged quite to the essential basic equipment of a winter garden. Because differently than for example during an electrical roll shop price increase it serves not only the comfort, but takes over important tasks of the air conditioning during the absence of the inhabitants. For instance if plants are in a winter garden, then no overheating of the interior may develop also during the absence times, which these would hardly survive. For this reason the question of the automatic control is closely connected with the employment motor claimant exhaust. Automatic control systems regulate temperature and air humidity of a winter garden. As soon as the selected limit values are crossed, the ventilation units take up their work, until the desired condition is again manufactured. Modern control devices adjust the entire winter garden technology (ventilation and Beschattung) in equipment.

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