Industry uses more plastic foils for the surface protection

With the new coating line NOVACEL reacts to the internationally growing demand for industrially used protective plastic films. (openPR) - ways of increasing demand for protective plastic films for the industriellen surface protection NOVACEL rigs its production

As reaction the manufacturer for industrielle protective plastic films, leading world-wide, takes a new coating line at the French location Déville lès Rouen in enterprise. The new plant makes high-speed coatings possible, which are suitable for large foil widths also.

Besides the new machine is applicable also for printing on of foils for the surface protection. In order to support the clear growth course with protective plastic film systems, the French enterprise plans to remove the technical and logistic service further.

The capacity increase connects NOVACEL with a quality improvement with invariably competitive prices. In particular the rising demand in the automobile and electronic industry arranged the market leader to this step. „We are pleased that we can develop our world-wide operational readiness level with the increase of our production capacity also “, say Laurent Derolez, leader of NOVACEL. The enterprise has one over 40-jährige experience with the production of protective plastic film systems.

The Website offers further information: www.novacel.fr

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