Infrared booster accelerates the manufacturing

Infrared emitters dry coating on metal faster. (openPR) - an infrared system of Heraeus Noblelight ensures for the fact that an existing hardening process be improved and production could be substantially accelerated by metal housings. Short-wave infrared emitters heat powder coating fast and evenly, centralwavy emitters harden the lacquer then out. The existing dryer of a Belgian enterprise could be simply rigged by the compact building method of infrared modules.
During the drying process of painted parts often develop production bottlenecks, which nobody can afford. In order to increase the production speed of painted parts, the existing drying furnace can be extended, so that the parts drive through faster. That is however impossible from space reasons frequently.
A further measure is the increase of the achievement of the existing furnace. Here the infrared heat technology offers a genuine alternative with high performance infrared emitters and systems, which can be re-tooled by their compact building method simply into existing plants.
A Belgian enterprise manufactures metal compressors for small cooling units, which are coated in the course of the manufacturing with powder coating. So that the coating process does not limit the manufacturing longer, the existing drying furnace was modified.
So far the powder coating with long-wave infrared emitters was hardened. These were replaced by centralwavy twin tubing emitters by Heraeus. A so-called infrared booster with high performance short-wave emitters the actual furnace became additional upstream. By an upstream infrared module is brought the product on the correct temperature, the already existing dryer keeps these fast then, as long as it is necessary. Now the hardening process can take place at a higher temperature and accelerates the production of 0,8 to 1.2 meters per minute. Additionally the new emitters provide in such a way for an even heat distribution and can individual cold places be now avoided.
Infrared heat technology can accelerate a melting on of powder coatings substantially. Powder absorbs infrared radiation very well, the powder mass warms up fast. In relation to conventional warming up methods, like Umluftöfen, the Angelieren of the powder is substantially accelerated. Rapid melting on improves the lacquer quality and increases flow velocity.

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Heraeus Noblelight GmbH with seat in Hanau, with subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, France and China, belongs world-wide to the market and technology leaders with the production of special sources of light. Heraeus Noblelight exhibited 2004 an annual turnover of 76 million € and employed world-wide 626 coworkers. The enterprise developed, manufactures and drives infrared out and ultraviolet emitters for applications in industrieller production, environmental protection, medicine and Kosmetik, research and analytic measuring procedures.

That world-wide active precious metal and technology company Heraeus is market and technology leader in the ranges of precious metals, Dentalwerkstoffe, sensors, quartz glass and special sources of light. 2004 obtained the enterprise a conversion of 8,3 billion € with world-wide more than 9,800 coworkers in over 100 daughter and participation enterprises. By a broadly set up Produktportfolio is relatively independent that 1851 created enterprises of the developments of individual industrial industries. The high innovation and development potential in the enterprise are purposefully promoted intensively and. By customer orientated product developments and purposeful acquisitions Heraeus develops its prominent position within different industrial ranges.

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